Zim Pays $10M To Mozambique’s HCB For More Electricity Imports – Energy Minister

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According to a Newsday report, Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Energy, Mrs Magna Mudyiwa has revealed that Zimbabwe has reduced it’s $35 million debt to Mozambique’s Hidroeléctrica de Cahora Bassa (HCB) by paying $10 million. Speaking to Newsday, the Deputy Minister went on to say:


If we can get up to 400 megawatts from HCB(Hidroeléctrica de Cahora), that will be fine for us. We have to source for the funds because our electricity situation is not that good so we have to source for funds to pay HCB.

Last week, Energy Minister Fortune Chasi had said that Zimbabwe’s was involved in negotiations with HCB. It seems like part of the negotiations were to reduce Zimbabwe’s $35 million debt to HCB.


Now that this partial payment has been made, Zesa will be expecting that HCB will increase exports to Zimbabwe which will reduce the loadshedding that has now returned to Stage 2 in less than a month.

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  1. How can zim pay moza $10mil when just yesterday it was reported that it is failing to keep up with $1mil weeky payment to eskom. Show us the proof chasi

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