Econet Customers Complaining About Data Disappearance Again, Econet Says It’s “Investigating”

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It’s a couple-of-years old problem and Econet thought it had solved it but it didn’t. I’m talking about ‘Disappearing Data’. Many Econet subscribers are complaining about losing data they are so sure they didn’t use. Now the issue of disappearing data has caught the public’s attention after celebrity, MisRed complained on Twitter.

You can read the whole thread by MisRed thread to discover more complaints which different folks posted.

The issue of disappearing data is not unique to Zimbabwe, even in South Africa, customers made so much noise complaining about it. Although, Econet introduced a self help portal which they say it helps users track down their data, it looks like the portal is not helping at all.

We contacted Econet to hear what they have to say about these latest complaints and they said they are “aware of the complaints and are investigating them”.

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6 thoughts on “Econet Customers Complaining About Data Disappearance Again, Econet Says It’s “Investigating”

  1. More often than not its not so much an issue of data disappering but simply put, data not working until it expires. I fail to open anything after about an hr of buying data bundles, restarting my phone doesnt help, bdata balanca enquiry even shows bundles i bought last week, and when the bundle is about to expire sure enough i get a message reminder, very frustrating

  2. It happened to me twice last week. I loaded data at midnight for the next day. I had wifi at the time and I slept without using any of the data only to wake up at 5 to find that my data has abandoned me. 🤦🏽‍♂️😒

  3. What annoys me is that my data has wifi component for the Econet wifi hotspots but despite having all this built into my data purchase I can never log on. My number is always said to be “not valid” but it was perfectly valid when I paid money for the data.😕

  4. Mine also disappeared a week ago. The first one of 160mb I did not really realized it had disappeared. The 350mb was the one I clearly noticed but when I went to Chitungwiza Town Centre Econet they could not solve my problem. They told me to join the unyielding long winded queue but it was unpleasant for me. To a surprise when got home somehow the data was not shown it is back but I was googling. I don’t know whether I used it all or not. Econet must set their computers to indicate how our phones are using data momentarily. Econe must get rid of rotten tomatoes in their business especially Ecocash agents. Econet must uphold its mission and values and standards it ever promises. Thanks!

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