Local Artists To Host Free Digital Painting & Augmented Reality Workshop


You probably haven’t heard of Wada Collective but this group of artists is doing seriously cool things in the world of art and after attending one of their Augmented Reality artist talks earlier today I was left in awe.

Basically, Wada collective is a group of Zimbabweans artists focused on bringing forward art in new media. What does that mean? Well, here are some samples of some of the augmented reality pieces that were on display today;


This same group of artists is going to be hosting a free workshop on digital painting and augmented reality on the 24th & 25th October featuring Codin Popescu from Artivive (the app responsible for the cool visuals in the videos above) as well as an unnamed award-winning Italian illustrator.


Interested participants will need to have a laptop for the workshop.

Apply for Wada’s Afro Future Art Workshop here

PS: You can also email or WhatsApp 0719232705 if you’re interested in attending

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one year ago

Dude I know the screen protector is gone but surely you could have used a better phone. The while experience is ruined

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    Farai Mudzingwa
    one year ago

    Unfortunately the internet wasn’t working properly so some phones couldn’t load the effects. That’s why the first image was taken on a clear phone but the other wasn’t cause the clear screened phone wasn’t loading anymore.

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