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Zim To Have A New Currency Next Month – Eddie Cross

Renowned Economist, Eddie Cross revealed that Zimbabwe is going to have a new currency next month. Mr Cross revealed this as he was urging the government to increase money supply so that EcoCash agents trading cash will be out of business and bring stability in the economy.

The amount of cash in the market does not meet the demand. RBZ has to ensure that there is enough money in the market by making sure there is regulated and controlled printing of money so that we fill in the gap that is left by the recent move.

We are hopeful that when we get a new currency sometime in November as promised by Government things will then stabilise.

Eddie Cross is a member of the recently appointed Monetary Policy Committee, a committee that formulate policies affecting money supply and interest rates in the economy, which makes his statement credible. But of course, we already knew that a new kind of Zimbabwe Dollar is in the works since Finance Minister, Mthuli Ncube revealed it in August.

However, we just didn’t know when exactly will new notes and coins labelled “Zimbabwe Dollar” will be introduced- thanks to Eddie Cross now we know. Mthuli Ncube will most probably utilise the upcoming 2020 National Budget Statement Presentation to make an announcement of the new currency.

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12 thoughts on “Zim To Have A New Currency Next Month – Eddie Cross

  1. l don’t think Eddie Cross said we will have a new currency as if it came from him. He just highlighted what the government said in the first place so your story is rather misleading as if Eddie Cross has reviewed it exclusively

  2. BS this aint the time for fake news …I dont think I will ever open your website again … you don’t get it, if u know kuti temperature dzevanu dzakakwira ka u wouldn’t be shitting like this

    Good day

  3. I have heard so much about Zimbabwe’s new currency its beginning to bore me. At one time you needed a barrow load of currency to buy a toilet roll. Is there no one in government with a financial degree. Maybe l can help there. Its all so pathetic.

    1. “so that EcoCash agents trading cash will be out of business and bring stability in the economy” – This is a fallacy. The trading done by these agents is miniscule compared to the wider economy.

  4. the government must be honest to people please. they promise new currency long time back. we are still waiting and suffering.

  5. printing more money actually causes increase in inflation why cant they learn from their past mistake. The currency should be put on Gold standard for it to not cause inflation

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