Older Devices To Lose Netflix Support From 2 December

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar

Netflix will drop support for various smart TVs and streaming sticks, starting on December 2, 2019. Netflix’s app is already warning users about the ending of support of some devices, so affected users have a month to go before they will no longer be able to watch movies via their devices. If you haven’t received the warning, it means that your device will continue to be supported on Netflix beyond December 2.

The devices that are being dropped are pretty old. For example, support for the very first Roku models which debuted in 2008 will be ending. Other models that are getting dropped are Samsung Smart TVs from 2011 or Toshiba’s pre-2011 devices.

Netflix wants its users to continue to enjoy their services seamlessly, so there’s a certain level of minimum acceptable requirements for hardware. As the streaming content is entering new quality territories, older hardware is having trouble keeping up with the performance requirements. Until now, people have been focusing on the internet speed, thinking that this alone is what Netflix needs to perform well enough but a device’s hardware matters even more.

The good news for people whose devices won’t be supported anymore by Netflix is that the Black Friday is just around the corner they would likely be able to buy new TV sets, that will upgrade their watching experience, at a lower price than today.

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