Transacting Using OneMoney Will Be Free Until The End Of 2019

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OneMoney is pouncing on the chaotic fortnight that EcoCash has had. What initially seemed like a passive attempt at winning over market share with media poster has turned into a full-on assault with OneMoney’s latest promotion.

From now until 31 December 2019, transacting via OneMoney will be free of charge. The mobile money platform has 0 rated all transaction charges (outside of the 2% tax) including purchasing in shops, buying airtime via OneMoney and sending money to other mobile money users will all come with no extra cost.

In addition to that, OneMoney has also come up with two further incentives to entice people to join:

  • 1GB of free data for customers who fund their mobile money wallets with $500
  • 50% discount if you use OneMoney to buy airtime.

NetOne’s CEO Mr Lazarus Muchenje emphasises that this move was more about supporting Zimbabweans at a critical time than it is about leapfrogging the competition but it’s hard to take him at his word when he also previously said that OneMoney had a target to overtake EcoCash in the within two years time.

People must not pay to get these services. It should be free.

NetOne CEO Lazarus Muchenje speaking at the launch of the promotion

This combination of perks is pretty aggressive and if I had to guess I would say this will attract a number of users onto the platform at a time when the biggest mobile money player has been at its most inefficient causing businesses and citizens alike a lot of problems.


  1. Sio

    Surprisingly, they failed to take advantage of this situation from the day the upgrade was announced.. 😩

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Because system upgrades are not out of the norm and they didn’t expect this one to be a train smash??

  2. Tapinda

    Zvese zve one money zvirislow. It lacks innovation and creativity. Vanongotevera zvese zvaitwa ne Ecocash 😃😃

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Vatevera chii apa?

  3. Zeke

    To dislodge ecocash is not going to be easy for Mr muchenje. Ecocash Vane chimuti for now.

  4. Perfect

    Let see how it ends but its not a walk in the park

  5. Sil

    99% market dominance kkkk that’s a big figure for one money to fight

    1. Critical Thinking 101

      Research on Nokia and HTC it is possible

  6. wokenman

    It took just over two years for Nokia to fall to its knees – once it starts, it happens fast. Kwese yakadonha how quickly? Ecocash wont fall totally like those examples obviously but musati catching ecocash can’t be done – especially if Econet is already doing half the job themselves with their own arrogance. The fact that this crisis hasn’t cost anybody their job and the pace of their response to the people who lost money tells you that Ecocash’s days of being totally unchallenged are numbered. One Money is already a better service – they have a debit card, they have direct ZIPIT deposit, they have the facility where you can transact even without your phone. It was just that they were already behind when they re-branded from One Wallet to One Money but the groundwork is done – two years is entirely possible.

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      I agree with most of the stuff you said – but I wouldn’t say Kwese yakadonha because haina kumbonyatsokwira to begin with…

    2. Netone

      The biggest huddle of Netone and now Telecel has always been about their shareholder – the government. The gvt of Zimbabwe is not inspiring at the moment like it has always never been. People loathe Netone not because it does not offer good services, but simply because of its attachment with the gvt. When Masiyiwa said ED was sincere there was significant backlash from people. Econet gains big time from public sympathy and the people’s choice has been it against all odds. Enter a new independent cellullar company, then expect fortunes to change. Econet lacks the strategic bureaucracy that Netone suffers from. Do you know that parastatals (like Netone) fund ZANU PF for mahala?

  7. Anonymous

    You guys need to watch the prophesy about ecocash that was given by Apostle before the upgrade happened it was stated and it was actually prophesied that clients would jump to other forms of payment. So ecocash was enjoying too much dominance. and relaxed. Now they are in trouble. And they need to humbly fix this or lose out.

  8. Mike

    Vanhu vema prophesy munonetsa, saka the God who created the Universe seriously has time kurotesa munhu about such a trivial issue that any business forecaster worth his salt can make. You guys need to relax and leave God out of mundane things. lol

    1. Critical Thinking 101

      Ye of little faith. Ndakubata Uri mu Econet chaiye. Kkkk

    2. Critical Thinking 101

      Ye of little faith

    3. Farai Mudzingwa

      Which business forecaster predicted this?

  9. Ini

    Reminds me of how Telecel grew it’s subscriber base through Mega Juice promo

  10. Critical Thinking 101

    TechZim we need a poll for the article of the year. Tipeiwo poll iyi tiise ma votes

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Ok, will see how that can be done: any ideas in terms of nomination process for articles and how to wittle them down to top 10/3 etc?

  11. Anonymous

    The most commented article….

  12. dubs

    Netone network here at ngezi mine is erratic, their equipment is old, its down most of the day, so we can’t really enjoy the said benefits. Netone needs to improve networks if they want market share..

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