Finland Offers Its National AI Course Globally & Free

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I mean we’ve heard it all. Everyone’s saying it. AI is going to take over the world and you need to have some understanding of it if you want to ensure you’re safe when jobs get lost because of the impacts of AI and blah blah blah…

If you’re interested in learning about AI for whatever reason but you’re not sure if you would go as far as paying for the lessons Finland might have the best festive gift for you. Well, they aren’t calling it a Christmas gift of course but the timing makes it easy to align the two…

The Nordic country is opening up its online crash course i.e Elements of AI globally. The Finnish government said it originally designed the course to give its citizen an advantage in Artificial intelligence.

The course which is available in 5 different languages (English, Swedish, Estonian, Finnish, and German) has 6 chapters which cover the following:

  • What is AI
  • AI Problem Solving
  • Real-World AI
  • Machine Learning
  • Neural networks
  • Implications

The course takes 6 weeks to complete if takers are investing 5 hours a week with each chapter having 3-6 exercises.



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