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First Look At The New Xbox: Xbox Series X…

Microsoft has announced their new gaming console named Xbox Two Series X (XSX) and it will be going on sale during the holiday season of 2020 (around November/December).

The new Xbox looks interesting, to say the least. In fact, it looks more like a PC than a traditional console:

Whilst the console is shown in a vertical orientation in the above video Xbox reps have said it can be used horizontally which will come as a relief to many who might not have space in their media setup for something that tall.

Microsoft’s Xbox Chief Phil Spencer said the Series X will offer four times the power of the Xbox One X which was already the most powerful console currently available in the console market since its launch in 2017.

Like the PS5 announced before it the Xbox will include an SSD drive which is expected to revolutionise the load times on both consoles. Outside of the SSD for storage, the Verge reports that the Series X will include “a custom-designed CPU based on AMD’s Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA architecture”. These specs are said to be good for 8K, 120fps gaming which sounds like the future.

The GPU will offer two times the power found in the current Xbox One X and the demo shown at The Game Awards 2019 has the Series X currently outputting games that look like this:

Oh yeah, Hellblade is a creepy game but it looks pretty good in this in-game trailer. Xbox’s new hardware will also reportedly be able to suspend and resume multiple games at once.

Maybe the biggest news for Xbox fans and those hoping the console doesn’t get obliterated by the PS5 on the sales front like the Xbox One did is that all of Xbox’s 15 Studio’s are developing games for the platform. The Xbox One struggled to compete with the PS5 when it came to producing exclusive titles and system sellers and it appears Xbox learnt their lesson…

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