[Update] Fresh In A Box Working On Service That Allows You To Pay For Netflix Using EcoCash

Yesterday, Fresh In A Box’s Chief Vendor Kuda Musasiwa announced that Fresh In A Box is working on a tool that will enable zimbos “to pay for stuff like Netflix easily and quickly using EcoCash and OneMoney”.

This service will probably be in demand since many people just aren’t interested in getting prefunded debit cards, especially if they want to make a once-off purchase and because they’re also required to part with their USDs to get the card in the first place.


We reached out to Kuda Musasiwa to get a better grasp of how the service will work and he explained it as follows:

Itโ€™s almost p2p. We use the money people pay over seas for food delivery in Zim and use it to pay for services like Netflix overseas . Use the rtgs people pay here for stuff like Netflix to run our procument and delivery for veggie business. Using any avaible apis and if not api avaible the โ€œgift cards โ€œ systems most popular services have.

A lot of brilliant people struggle with paying for simple things. We have already been helping young devs with payments for stuff like digital ocean etc

Kuda Musasiwa – Fresh In A Box Chief Vendor

Musasiwa also explained that apart from the services highlighted in their teaser video PAYmy will be able to process payments for anything that needs a debit or credit card meaning people who want to pay for online courses on educational sites like Treehouse/Udacity to gamers looking to purchase gift cards for games on PlayStation or Apps on GooglePlay will be able to do so.

[Update]: Kuda Musasiwa shared a demo of the Paymy user interface which you can see below:

In that same update, Musasiwa said the web app “will be the absolute easiest way for you to pay for Netflix and Chill this V-Day” which hints at the payment app launching on the 14th of February.

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  1. Here comes the FIAB Rate… ๐Ÿ˜ This innovation can thwarted by our business environment that is a legal minefield. Will follow how this goes.

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