Ministry Of Health, WHO & UNICEF Launch Coronavirus WhatsApp Bot

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar
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The Ministry of Health and Child Care has made a WhatsApp bot which members of the public can contact to get information about the novel coronavirus.

Text Hi to the WhatsApp number +263 71 473 4593

Ministry of Health

The bot made in collaboration with UNICEF and WHO contains info about the virus, symptoms of the virus, prevention tips, myths and rumours circulating, and key messages for public transport operators, health workers, religious leaders, teachers, parents and a host of other people.

The key messages section is especially vital as it imparts knowledge to many people in different roles.

Being a government-initiative one would also hope that at some point the bot will have Shona and Ndebele support in order to make sure as many people as possible actually utilise the bot.

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