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UNICEF’s Internet of Good Things Adds Coronavirus Awareness Content

UNICEF recently shared a set of free, mobile-ready web-based resources and applications that allows communities to access educational and lifesaving information.

The COVID-19 pandemic brings lots of challenges to the social sector especially dissemination of life saving information due to restrictions in movements, requirements to isolate, etc. Technology offers an opportunity for us to change this narrative positively especially the use of internet on mobile phones.


The website contains the information regarding what it is; how it spreads; signs and symptoms.

Whilst the website is a great resource in the context of countries like Zimbabwe it would be great if organisations like UNICEF could convince mobile network operators to zero-rate such websites or make the information available on WhatsApp which people widely use.

UNICEF is not the only United Nations-affiliated organisation making strides to raise awareness, with the World Health Organisation also adding Coronavirus-related content to their Health Alert WhatsApp bot.

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