Here’s How You Can Listen To 8000+ Radio Stations Around The World For Free

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Put simply, if you’re a radio lover you’ll undoubtedly have a blast using Radio Garden.

The non-profit Dutch radio and digital research project developed between 2013 to 2016 lets users tune in to thousands of online radio streams from all over the world by hovering over a globe. The interface of Radio Garden is literally a 3D geolocation, where the user navigates through a representation of the globe.

How does Radio Garden work?

Radio Garden crawls the web for radio streams coming from a number of different locations on the planet. The globe interface we spoke about is what users will navigate the 8000+ radio stations you can listen to.

The green dots are radio stations

With over 8000 stations, you’ll be spoilt for choice but unfortunately discovering will be a bit random – which is a good or bad thing depending on how you see things. For those who like the spontaneity of listening to new sounds on a daily basis, this will be great. For those who prefer a more streamlined experience, Radio Garden simply doesn’t offer that.

Thankfully, your access to these radio stations is legal so you can shelve your piracy concerns.

What don’t I like

There are some things I don’t appreciate about Radio Garden. Navigating around the interface seems a tad bit too clunky for me – I thought it was only an issue on my PC but it definitely is an issue. Is it experience breaking? Nope but just a minor annoyance I thought I should mention it.

Whilst it has over 8000+ stations, that’s not to say it has ALL the stations – this isn’t something to complain about though since this is a FREE website after all, just a warning that if you’re looking for a very specific station you might not find.

Listen to live radio streams on Radio Garden


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  1. Wallace Santos

    Eu tenho uma web rádio,como que eu faço para está cadastrando a minha rádio aí com vocês?

  2. Net14lif

    Awesome….thanks farai

  3. Farai Sande

    Brilliant app, found a radio station from my hometown of Gweru and quite happy. Thanks sazita, more of a radio person than tv and this is what the Dr ordered.

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