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Online Multiplayer Card Game Developed By Zimbo Now Out Of Beta

Last year we wrote about Afro Eights, an enjoyable experience I first wrote about last September;

Afro Eights as it is titled is in beta testing so it’s raw around the edges but it’s an extremely enjoyable game you can pick up for short sessions (usually a winning formula for mobile games).

Afro Eights Is A Fun Crazy 8’s Mobile Game With An African Twist

Well Afro Eights is out Beta and this is as good as any a time to revisit the game – with everyone being at home and all we have a lot of time on our hands.

Afro Eights players will play with Crazy 8s rules – the Crazy 8s most of us Zimbos know and love. A quick search for Crazy 8s will pop up many card games but for me none of them had the rules I was familiar with. Except for Afro Eights.

Multiplayer experience

The most important thing for multiplayer experiences is how many people are playing the game and to get around this, Afro Eights Lead Developer Rob Maweni has created a WhatsApp group for players to get a better matchmaking experience since the game only has 100+ installs at the moment on Android.

At this moment getting matches randomly is pretty difficult but not impossible. I did manage to get an online match on my first attempt at matchmaking but the consistency isn’t that great. If you’re interested in multiplayer I would advise using the WhatsApp group for matchmaking – once I did that I easily got a couple of games in.

Single Player

There is also a Single Player experience which is just as fun, with the CPU controlled opponents offering enough of a challenge to make the game worth playing even when multiplayer opponents are scarce.

Every time I’ve played Afro Eights I’ve enjoyed the experience on offer and my most recent session was no different. My only complaint has been the UI which isn’t as nice as other experiences and whilst it certainly doesn’t interrupt the experience when you’re playing the game, the menus feel extremely dated.

If Afro Eights can improve on the UI, I’ll definitely be spending a lot more of my time in the game.

Download Afro Eights on Android

Download Afro Eights on iOS

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2 thoughts on “Online Multiplayer Card Game Developed By Zimbo Now Out Of Beta

  1. Nice to have a African themed and built game. In my opinion, they spent so much time concentrating on card graphics and illustrations the rest of the interface suffered. I would use the same font used on the game title everywhere else in the game. The current UI font is just weird…

  2. the game play and logic are good, but the UI needs more work to make it a more consistent experience

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