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President ED – We Have Asked The CIO To Trace Those Claiming I’ve Extended Lockdown On Social Media

A few weeks ago the President announced that a law was being put into effect that would allow for the sentencing of those spreading false information regarding the Coronavirus.

The President has spoken again, following speculation that he would announce an extension to the current lockdown. Mnangagwa claims there is no such declaration being made as the Cabinet will review whether an extension is necessary towards the end of the current lockdown.

Mnangagwa also announced that the Government will try and trace whoever originated this misinformation and give them an exemplary sentence to defer others from spreading false information;

I have seen on social media people saying that I’m going to make a statement extending [the lockdown]. That is absolutely nonsense, I never made such a statement.

We now have a law, which punishes those who produce fake news and I believe we have asked the CIO to make a trace as to who made the claims that “the President has made an extension” when I have not. If we catch that person, it must be exemplary and they must go in [prison] at level 14 – which is 20 years imprisonment.

I think we need to demonstrate that we don’t want false news to be circulated especially when you are spreading false news about the President. That is not proper!

Regarding the lockdown, the President went on to say the Cabinet will sit down and review whether or not to extend it on the 20th or 21st day of the lockdown which suggests we will be getting an official address either on Sunday 19 April or on the following day which marks 21 days.

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10 thoughts on “President ED – We Have Asked The CIO To Trace Those Claiming I’ve Extended Lockdown On Social Media

      1. Not if they’re intercepting communications. Remember, they control all internet access to Zim.

        If you have access to that and have the necessary tech & software, it can be done. China does it… China is a “friend”

      1. Mobile network operators “know” much more than you can imagine on what happens on their networks. It’s only that no serious issues have ever arisen to warrant such thorough investigations. Please do not test waters by both feet, you will sink. The last time a woman who spread malicious information via a zol network was caught within 24 hours!

  1. I don’t think he is going after this guy because of fake news. He is going after him because people have been mocking him for copying Ramaphosa. It hurt his feelings, lol

  2. It says a lot about our judicial system if the sentence for a crime has already been determined, yet the culprit has not even been caught or tried. The newly enacted law is also subject to scrutiny.

  3. Is the Zimbabwe “state” media not a purveyor of fake news?..they tell lies everyday without even giving the “right to reply” of those they lie about???Personally I abandoned the so-called state media in 1999 and I’ve been giving them a very wide berth since then. My reading health has improved.

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