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Breaking: YouTube Channel Hosting Wadiwa Wepa Moyo Show HACKED, Videos Wiped

College Central the film and TV company responsible for Wadiwa Wepamoyo hit show just tweeted that their YouTube channel has been hacked.

Whoever is behind the hack decided to delete all of College Central’s 30+ videos and rename the channel to Dave Ramsey Live. In addition to deleting the videos, this hacker is denying College Central access to their subscriber base – just over 60 000 people.

This is a disaster for the channel which had an average viewership of 262 000 viewers (last time we checked) for their 10 Wadiwa Wepamoyo episodes. The other episodes on the channel also had a good number of views.

When we wrote our articleon revenue made by local YouTubers, College Central was on the list with their estimated monthly revenue being pegged at anywhere between $483 – $7700. Now that all that content which was the source of this revenue has been removed – the film company will no longer be making money from their channel until this is resolved.

If College Central is able to recover their account one would hope that there is a possibility for them to have their content put back up and have all their views and interactions restored. Building it back up from scratch will be a big blow andI’m not sure if the 200k people who were consistently watching Wadiwa Wepamoyo will be willing to watch the show again.

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5 thoughts on “Breaking: YouTube Channel Hosting Wadiwa Wepa Moyo Show HACKED, Videos Wiped

  1. So many people go around calling themselves ethical hackers, someone puts up an AD and now it’s strange…?

  2. I really don’t understand how their YouTube channel was hacked considering that YouTube channels are connected to google accounts which are also connected to mobile numbers and recovery emails. Recovering a YouTube or google account is very easy. I think this is an inside job. Only a person with a mobile number used to create a google account linked to the YouTube account can change successfully hack a google or YouTube account.

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