DStv Announces Price Increase Coming Into Effect In June

Multichoice Zimbabwe has announced a price increase coming into effect on the 1st of June 2020.

The media company has blamed the increase on the 14.5% VAT charge but makes sure to remind subscribers that this is the first upward review in 4 years.

PackageCurrent price per monthnew price per month
Compact Plus$40$45
HD PVR Premium$76$88
XtraView Access Fee$11$13

Most subscriptions have risen by palatable amounts but premium subscribers and those paying for HD PVR features will have to fork out as much as $10-$12 more than they currently do.


DStv announcement of the price review also makes sure to remind subscribers that they’ve added new channels and also upgrade customers on lower packages to better packages at no cost in the past. Will that make the price review more palatable to customers? To some maybe but considering the state of the local economy – I imagine most won’t welcome the price increase.

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7 thoughts on “DStv Announces Price Increase Coming Into Effect In June

  1. The package I’m on I only watch about 7 out of 48 tv channels coz the rest are not to my taste. It has only improved slightly with the new add ons coz of corona which will not last long! 😭😢

  2. I think DStv must be commended for their efforts. Especially, all the assistance they have provided during the COVID pandemic… 🤣🤣

  3. With covid 19 there are no live sports being aired so there is little entertainment value viewer’s get from watching old sporting events other channels will also run out of new material doon as the film industry has also been agfected by covid 19 in any xase there were far too many repeats on other channels anywau this increase needs to be reversed

  4. As for me l nolonger subscribe why the increment with this pandemic of corona virus we are longer going to work where do yu think we can get the money also nothing changed about your channels and programs its still the same.why the adjustments in prices good bye dstv welcome ztv

  5. dstv needs to create a customized feature where a customer selects the channels they enjoy and get billed for those channels only. i am on compact but i watch arnd 5 channels only

  6. dstv should create a customized feature where you can select the channels you want to watch and get billed for those u want. I am on compact but i am watching less than 5 channels

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