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Sharing Your Wi-Fi Password Using a QR code (Android)

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Having visitors over means they’ll sooner or later ask for the Wi-Fi password in order to stay connected. I can never always remember my Wi-Fi password and I’ll always have to rummage through my notes to find where I saved it. Android has an option to share your Wi-Fi password using a QR Code.

This is how you do it:

(NOTE: I was doing this on Android 10, It may not the same on other versions)

Step 1 Open settings

Step 2 Select Connections

Step 3 Select Wi-Fi

Step 4 Select the gear icon on the Wi-Fi you are connected to

Step 5 In the bottom left of your screen press the tab that says QR Code.

Step 5 It will display a QR Code with the Wi-Fi name at the top. Whoever you want to share the password with merely has to scan it, and they will be connected.

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