Here’s how to calculate how many ZESA units you’ll get every time you purchase

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When you think of Techzim, what comes to mind? Do you think we are a news publication first or a tech company first? Well, WE think, no wait we are a tech company first and we love to build things. That’s why we have built the ZESA Calculator.

The calculator as you’ve probably assumed by now works out how many ZESA units you’ll get for a certain amount.

How to calculate

The calculator is simple to use. First users will have to indicate if they’ve bought electricity before in the month since that will make a difference in the units you get. After specifying this detail you simply enter the amount you want (either in units or in ZW$). Voila! Here’s what the calculator looks like:

Try out the ZESA Calculator here



What’s your take?

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  1. Mikemowsby

    So in essence in a single month the breakdown is like this despite the day of the month

    First 50 units cost you $26
    The next 150 units $171
    The next 100 units $312

    So if your household uses 300kwh per month you are in the safe zone you need $509 any thing above this amount you probably on life support as they are expensive going for 4.88 per kwh. For houses that use less than 300kwh its advised to buy $509 to effectively buy and accumulate you. So basically $509 is the optimum value for money. $509 is the expexted standard for every household be it 1 room or mansion. $509 is where economies of scale ends. $509 is the cut offline before land lords and tenants parents and children start bickering. In essence buy electricity for $509 and get 300kwh or units if you think doubling will save you will only get 1/5 in value 104kwh for the next $509

    1. Anonymous

      Zesa self service portal is even better as you need to enter your meter number. The system then calculates automatically.

      This system is great but if you dpnt have purchase history of that particular meter then it wpnt help you.

    2. Sage

      I see what you did there repetition of $509. It really is value for money.

      1. Mikemowsby

        Tapping into the subconscious its the only way it will stick lol

  2. Anonymous

    Is this calculator any different from the one on the zesa self service portal

  3. Asalder hamandishe

    Good morning Techzim. I bought an easy call airtime for $20 yesterday on 0712541521 but nothing yet received

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      Hi Asalder

      I have just checked your number on our system and I couldn’t find the order. It’s possible that you recharged the wrong number. Our team is getting in touch with you to assist.

      Thanks for being our customer, greatly appreciated

  4. D K

    Can you also add information to the effect that outstanding debt has not been considered

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      Great suggestion! Thank you

  5. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    There are so many of these calculators out there, you have just reinvented an oval-shaped wheel. The ZETDC self-service system will check if you already bought power, it will check if you have debt and deduct accordingly. The only problem is that they disabled entering units to reverse calculate the ZWL. The greatest benefit is that if tariffs go up, it remains accurate. Folks tend to neglect to update their 3rd party tariffs calculators, be it for ZESA, EcoCash fees e.t.c

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Therein lies the utility. The self service portal is something you tend to have to go out of your way to look for. + The reverse calculation. We iterate from there. Onward and upward

  6. Mildred

    Did you factor in the REA fee? I paid $520 and got 301 units because of the REA fee. If it’s exactly 509 won’t one get slightly below 300?

  7. Jacqueline C Ndoro

    I bought electricity for 1100ZW for the first time and got 293.40kw. Was the calculation correct? Enlighten me please l thought l would get 354KW.

    1. Grace Maloya

      I bot electricity for 1498 and got. 332units thought l would get 400 units.

  8. Grace Maloya

    I bought 332units for 1498 was the calculation correct

  9. Anonymous

    I bought 46.5 units for 400 was the calculation right?????

  10. Mrs~Moon

    Hie TECHZIM, I want to buy Zesa for the first time this month and it’s also my first time using this platform, how do I go about it

  11. Sollozzo

    Found it not USER friendly. After completing fields to calculate, one is asked to input amount purchased previous month yet there is no dialogue box for that. I gave up.

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