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How to track the amount of time you spend on your PS4

If like me you’ve ever wondered why there’s no place on PlayStation Network(PSN) for users to check how much time they’ve invested into different games – there’s a solution.

It’s really a hack but it will work well enough since Sony has refused to add this feature natively. The tool is called PS Time Tracker. Once you have activated the bot you’ll be able to see how much time you spend playing games and the breakdown per game. Cool if you’re playing way more than you want to be playing or if you’re just interested in seeing which games get most of your love.

How do you activate it?

Well, it’s a simple number of steps really;

  1. Add ps-timetracker3 as a friend on PSN;
  2. ps-timetracker will message you after accepting your request;
  3. Go back to the PS Time Tracker site and enter your username and the code sent to you by ps-timetracker;

There are some limitations to this method of course. Here are some of those;

  • You have to be online. Time cannot be tracked while you’re playing offline or appearing as offline.
  • It also obviously doesn’t know how long you’ve played before tracking started.
  • Unfortunately it also tracks suspended games, for example while you’re watching Netflix/Prime and a game runs in the background. Putting your PS in Rest Mode will stop tracking.
  • You will only get a message once a day and if you’ve played more than 30 minutes – Don’t worry, your stats are still saved and tracked, you will just receive them later.
  • Check if you’re able to receive messages via PSN! You can add the bot as a close friend if you need to. You will still be tracked regardless and you could check your stats on this website, but you will not get daily updates or the access code.

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