ZimRights & MISA file urgent chamber application to stop search of Econet premises

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Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Zimbabwe together with Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) filed an urgent application with the High Court forbidding the ZRP and CID from searching Econet’s premises and obtaining a database containing all subscriber details.

MISA & ZimRights argue that the warrant of search and seizure threatens citizens’ various fundamental rights, and that of ZimRights, in a “serious way”.


Both applicants would like the following information to not be disclosed with law enforcement authorities;

  • Any details regarding the MISA & ZimRights, their members, or employees for the period 2 January 2020 or any other period;
  • Any transactional data regarding transactions carried out between Econet and MISA/ZimRights, their members or employees for the period 2 January 2020 or any other period.

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