CABS launches a service to send money to any number, here’s why it won’t work

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CABS Centre

At first glance this looked rather interesting. A service that allowed CABS account holders to send money to any mobile money number. That initial excitement faded though as I went deeper into CABS’ new service Send-to-Cell.

How does it work?

As mentioned before CABS customer can send money to any mobile money number regardless of whether the user has a CABS account or not. CABS customers can access this through the bank’s USSD code (*227#).

The first catch is that the recipient of the money has to create a CABS Textacash account in order to use the money. Recipients can also do this through CABS’ USSD code.

The second catch, the sender will incur a 3% service charge for sums over ZWL$100.00 on top of the Intermediary Money Transfer Tax (2% Tax).

Who is going to use this?

I am struggling to understand who this service was designed for. I can’t see what convenience this brings to CABS customers. A total of 5% in charges for a transaction as low as ZWL$100.00 doesn’t strike me as something that many people will line up to use

If we compare this to EcoCash going by their recent service charge increase, the 2% Tax kicks in for transactions ZWL$300.00 and above. That threshold makes charges for sums underneath ZWL$300.00 tolerable. Speaking of EcoCash, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who regularly transacts who doesn’t have an EcoCash wallet.

On the non-Textacash customer side of things, it would be simpler just to get the money over EcoCash or bank transfer. There is no caveat too that would draw non-CABS customer to register for Textacash.



  1. M2

    I hate percentage based charges on electronic money transfer services with a passion.

  2. Naison Sebastian

    As a CABS Account holder, I no longer have to do a B2W transaction before transacting an EcoCash W2W Money transfer. Those also wanting to send me EcoCash from their CABS Accounts enjoy this benefit. However, due to this benefit alone, I have not yet undertaken a C-B analysis on the full transaction flows.

    1. Yanis Star

      Hi Sebastian, you may have to repeat yourself here for me to understand. I am struggling to understand the benefits arising from this development. The benefit I understand when it comes to “sending money to any number”… is that bank customers can transfer funds to any number and the recipient can redeem the funds from any ATM using an OTP. Now in the absence of cash in ATMs, how do clients redeem the funds. From your comment, I kind of get that this solution is to allow cabs clients to transfer funds to Cellphones and from there clients can decide whether to do wallet to wallet… but remember from ECOCASH and MNOS point of view, this is not W2W, this is still B2W. I am not clear why I should open a textacash, to get a what benefit. I am thoroughly confused and would want you to explain more, otherwise I am in agreement with the author.

      1. @Chido

        As much as they think it might be a good strategy, as long as people refuse to embrace it, it might not work. Ecocash positioned itself in such a way that no any other mobile financial service thrives.
        I mean, look at Netone’s onemoney, i personally prefer using it than Ecocash but most people don’t, and so who am i going to use it with,

        I also like using TM’s mycash, but i just can’t substitute ecocash for it.

        But i guess, they will benefit that little market share they can get, its better than being at zero.

  3. Andeni Zimunya

    I have been failing to access funds sent to me through this CABS facility for more than 2 weeks despite making queries to relevant authorities.


  4. Redmond Remington Khumalo

    Utter rubbish article
    How much Econet pay you to write this piece of garbarge?

    Let end users decide if they want to use it or not.

  5. Taurai

    I tested this service a week ago but the intended recipient did not receive the funds. Cabs ended up refunding me after several emails.

    1. Waah

      Can i have email details pliz!!

      I might need mine to be reversed too

      Clients can’t access the funds! I thought funds would go straight to ecocash or one money or telecash

  6. Unknown

    This is a convenient facility to CABS users

  7. Anonymous

    Cabs came too late you have a lot to explain. Ecocash is your master on this one. 5% for $100, why should one dump Ecocash for your service given the hustle of opening another textacash account? Ill advised move!!

  8. Tee

    This is rubbish , utterly Rubbish , stupid , these liars , now im in. A deep problem because the recipient has to open an account with cabs inorder to access their money . It messes up everything . cabs bindura branch is not doing anything to help . This bank has become useless but trouble to me

  9. Anonymous

    I cant accesss my money too.the procedure is jus too much thought the money will b credited straight to my ecocash account

  10. Anonymous

    Am struggling with CABS l want to send USD using Bank to Bank Transfer

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