FBC was listening, as Civil Servants can now convert USD allowance via USSD

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The ladies and gentlemen over at FBC must either have an ear to the ground or they had this one in the pipeline. A couple of days ago we reported that FBC was making facilities available for Civil Servants to liquidate their US$75 allowance over WhatsApp and email. As progressive as those moves are they are not very inclusive because of the way data prices are.

FBC in a tweet announced that they will be offering Civil Servants a facility to liquidate their allowance over FBC’s USSD platform.

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This goes a long way to making this process a lot easier for the men and women of the Civil Service who are FBC customers. Their work is already difficult especially with a good number of them on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. More Banks should put this service into place.


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  1. Tanaka

    Does CBZ offer the same facility when converting USD accounts to RTGs

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