EcoCash sets deadline for multiple accounts for the 6th of September 2020

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In adherence to the Monetary Policy Statement put out by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. Individuals are no longer allowed to have multiple EcoCash accounts.

In a message sent out to customers Ecocash said the following:

Public Announcement

If you have 2 or more EcoCash lines dial *150# option 5 to select your primary wallet on or before 6 September 2020.


This means that if you have more than one account you will have select the one you want to keep. It stands to reason that you will also have to transfer the funds to the EcoCash wallet you want to keep.

Today is the deadline so if you have multiple EcoCash accounts it’s best to move any funds in order to avoid any complications.


What’s your take?

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  1. and so?

    yes, we know, ecocash already sent sms’s to us all, whats newsworthy here?

  2. ah please

    its like posting a news story tomorrow morning stating that the sun came up earlier … kkkkk

  3. Tendayi D

    I have personal ecocash and company ecocash how do l select which acc to us.

  4. JTangwe

    What about my child who is under 16 and doesn’t qualify for her own Ecocash account? Now that they have closed the account she uses, how is she going to transact going to school when we don’t have cash to give her? Now I have to find a fake ID or pay sekuru vekumusha vasina phone to open another Ecocash or what? Wasn’t it better that they knew who exactly had one? When it comes to money, people will find a way. Only a matter of time. Mxm.

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