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WhatsApp disappearing messages feature closer to launch

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We first wrote about WhatsApp’s self-destructing messages back in October last year. The feature cycle for WhatsApp is already painfully slow and I’m sure working from home only compounded that.

Anyway, the destructing messages are closer to launching. The feature is available in WhatsApp’s latest beta but hasn’t been enabled yet, meaning users can’t use it just yet. We do know a bit more than we did before though.

Disappearing messages

Generally, the feature works as follows, you can send a timed message that will disappear from the chat on two conditions: i) The recipient has seen it or ii) the message has an expiry timer and it has passed the set time.

There’s one worrying thing. According to WA Betainfo, who leaked info about the feature, there’s nothing preventing recipients from taking screenshots of whatever self-destructing media they get.

Since the feature is in development one would hope this changes before it starts rolling out publicly. If recipients can take screenshots it kind of defeats the purpose of self-destructing messages.

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5 thoughts on “WhatsApp disappearing messages feature closer to launch

  1. That’s a terrible feature. Why have a self-destruct feature ? In other words it helps people cover their tracks , like cheating spouses will love this feature

  2. What exactly is the purpose of this feature? So people can send threatening or harassing messages without consequence?

    1. So that you can help your old parent at the bank without risking account info being accessed later: esp with old people who always let others handle their phones. So that you can comment what you want in a group eg political chat and not be victimised later. So that you can share time specific info which will become irrlevant affer the the set time – like a job offer with a deadline where you don’t wanna keep getting messages after the deadline. Why are people automatically going for the worst, darkest scenarios like cheating and harrasement? These things already happen because the people who do those things already have it in their heart – WhatsApp will not suddenly awaken some inner demons that weren’t manifest before, COME ON GUYS!

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