More details revealed regarding EcoCash rewards – Here’s what’s up for grabs

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We wrote an article on EcoCash Rewards – a promotion by EcoCash that rewards the mobile money service’s users for transacting. Unfortunately, that piece was devoid of detail and as a follow up to some of the questions readers have asked in the comments section, I’ve decided to write a follow up.

PS: For every ZW$200 you spend using EcoCash you’ll get 1 point and these are points you can later on redeem

We sent the most commonly asked questions in the previous article to EcoCash reps and they gave us more detail;

“What are the prizes to be won?”

This is probably the most common question that was asked by many of you. What’s up for grabs? Well, for every point you earn you get ZW$0.40. Upon redemption, customers can either buy airtime or cash the money into their EcoCash wallet.

Now I’m not using EcoCash that much these days so I therefore have 7.4 points. This means I can only get $2.8 worth of airtime – which seems pretty low from where I’m seated. I’ll still claim the $2 because I might as well.

The 40c/per point did fascinate me in the context of the current EcoCash limits. At the moment there’s a ZW$35 000/weekly limit on mobile money transactions which means users can get a maximum of 175 points a week – if they are reaching that threshold. This translates to $70 (a maximum of $280) which you can either cash out or turn into airtime.

EcoCash’s promotional material for this promotion is a bit misleading as it centres a lot of objects that seem to be prizes;

I guess the objects in the picture are what you’ll go and buy after redeeming the points

“When can I redeem the points!?”

The EcoCash Rewards points can only be redeemed at the end of the month. The points you have can then be redeemed by dialling *151*300#. Because a lot of people assumed there would be a draw of sorts many asked when that would be but as aforementioned, there won’t be a draw since when you redeem your points you’re getting value.


  1. Anonymous

    Hahahaha,on the misleading part though, why is it so hard for businesses to be real with people.
    Also, doesn’t Econet say you have to have reached at least 111points for you to be able to redeem points XD

  2. waste of time

    fcucken joke !

    1. Comment

      for real

    2. Mai Nyasha

      I redeemed my 361 points and got 144.44 rtgs into my ecocash so I say its working

  3. Anonymous

    Iv dialed *151*300# n I can’t seem to see the option to redeem!!!

    1. Anonymous

      Ecocash is full of nonsense.

    2. Anonymous

      come time to redeem their servers are not working… they only start working after the time to redeem has expired!!!! rubbish

  4. Desire Sibanda

    Econet is having fun with pple,there is no option to redeem you can only view your points, we are losing trust in Econetwireless

  5. L.Makore

    No option to redeem points.I ve dialled *151*300#

  6. flutterby

    these guys lie, no option to redeem!

  7. Hella

    This is monthend and there is no option to redeem my 56 points

  8. SM

    No option to redeem my points

  9. Anonymous

    Today is the day but it’s not working

  10. Chikobvu

    Econet is taking its customers for a ride.

  11. Zingwe Frddy

    Has anyone ever redeemed points in the manner described? I hope it’s not a sick hoax.

    1. Yanks Star

      This is the message I’ve just received from Ecocash

      Congratulations you achieved your October target in My EcoCash Rewards. Reconciliations have begun & points will be auto redeemed @ ZW$0.40 per point this week

  12. Anonymous

    They are full of sh*t. I’m disappointed. Ko kurega vanei. Basa rekukwidza matariffs.

  13. Fucker moto

    Econet ngaisadaro xua is there any1 ambo redeemer woo zvake

  14. Rachel

    People still have faith in in them but thery keep disappointing


    Hello.Why is there no option for redeeming points as stated?

  16. jabulani

    we always use ecocash promotion or no promotion, you only discredit yourself if you create expectations for your clients only to show us how incompetent you are. If you had hastily and emotionally introduced the promotion you had 30 days to make sure your clients are aware of how to redeem their points. A number of your promotions show noble intentions poorly carried out. Your management is seriously lacking.

  17. Lawman

    No option to redeem the points

  18. Leeroy Chipere


  19. Muchi Mangundya

    F’ing liars. Can’t redeem my 122.1 points.

  20. Anonymous

    Scam l can’t withdraw

  21. Sam

    It’s a scam

  22. Francis Kwari

    Please be honest with clients. My points for November 2020 have not been redeemed in spite of numerous attempts to dial the given number. Please explain.

  23. Justsayin

    Why is econet treating us like kids.
    You are totally crushing whatever little trust the customers still hang on to.
    This so called promotion is sooo full of s**t

  24. Anonymous

    Hapana zviripo apa hazvishande izvo nxaa, hobho msg for nonsense

  25. valerie

    How many points must i reach to redeem them?

  26. Knox

    Why cant you just do it automatically coz we are failing to reedem at monthend

  27. George Svinurai

    Ecocash points expire after how long?

  28. Godwell

    I have never been able to redeem points ever since what happens to them (points)
    Why is the platform not automated for redeeming if crediting of points is automatic

  29. Salesio Mupavaenda Mawere

    The first month after the introduction of the points, Econet did the redemption. Unfortunately I missed out the communication on the change that I had to do it personally which has resulted in a loss for the past 3 months. Any chance of getting this?

  30. Jackson

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