NetOne silently adds new board members, whilst former member resigns

NetOne, UZ student steals lines, ZITF2022

For 2 years now, NetOne has been engulfed in a cycle of administrative chaos- from board members being charged with lying under oath to facing expulsion and mass resignations, it has been something akin to a movie.

The two most recent developments that are board related at NetOne are as follows; Winston Makamure resigned under “unclear circumstances” whilst 4 others (Chido Nyakudya, Tendero Mutero, Beaullah Chirume and Paul Mupfiga) were appointed as board members.

A walk down history

Below is a timeline of some things that have happened over the last few years concerning the NetOne Board;

Beyond the chaos it’s interesting to look at the new appointees who join a board that consisted of 3 members Susan Mutangadura, Ranga Mavhunga and Douglas Mamvura.

Here’s what we know about the board members from their LinkedIn profiles and news around the web;

Chido Nyakudya

  • Managing Director at Boka Floors since 2017
  • Director of Marketing and Business Development
  • Skilled in Marketing Management, Market Planning, Management, Strategic Planning, and Business Development.

Tendero Mutero

  • Legal practitioner
  • Worked as a law officer at the Ministry of Justice in Zimbabwe and in private practice as an attorney

Beaullah Chirume

  • Manager in the public sector from 1998 till present

Hopefully the new board members will be able to finally instil some calm and order at the second largest mobile network as they go about their duties.

What’s your take?

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