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Sasai Travel Pass

With regional and international travel now open, travellers need to abide by the COVID-19 protocols of various destinations. Depending on the destination there are a number of other health requirements (such as vaccinations) that each country seeks to grant entry on top of a COVID-19 test. In an effort to make the process of crossing borders a little easier Econet has become a technology partner for Africa CDC (Centres for Disease Control). This partnership will see Sasai feature Africa CDC’s Travel Pass.

Africa CDC Travel Pass

The Africa CDC Travel Pass is an online portal that was developed to allow Africans the ability to move from one country to the other safely. The portal offers the following:

  • The latest information about travel restrictions and entry requirements.
  • A database of authorised laboratories for COVID-19 tests and other vaccinations.
  • Africa CDC mutual protocols for COVID-19 testing, results and vaccination certificates.
The example used was a trip from Zimbabwe to Zambia

Econet isn’t the only technology partner in this venture. Ghanaian platform PanaBIOS is also a collaborator. PanaBIOS’ role is to centralise all of the test results from facilities across the continent.

Travel Pass on Sasai

Travel Pass on Sasai is a little different from the Africa CDC online portal version. The app version allows users to:

  • Log COVID-19 test results
  • Upload vaccinations
  • See COVID-19 cases according to their location
  • Share test results and vaccinations with airlines and other organisations

I think the entire concept is brilliant. To have something like this will make it easier for those who are travelling to and fro.

Links for Africa CDC’s online portal and Sasai are below:

Africa CDC Online Portal sign up

Sasai app (Android, iOS)


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    Sasai is the way to go

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