Subscribers will no longer need to go to Econet shops to replace SIM cards

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Econet recently published its full-year results and in the report was a small detail I and (I believe) many other customers will appreciate greatly. The idea of fewer minutes NOT waiting in an Econet shop sounds like a dream and that’s what the company is promising.

In fact, for those looking to replace their SIM cards you won’t have to wait in the Econet shop at all, instead relying on their agent network going forward;

Although we have an extensive network of over 50 shops and franchisees across the country, for the convenience of our customers, our preferred customer service approach is to interface through digital channels and our self-care portals. One of the main drivers of traffic into our shops were sim-card replacements.

Our customers will soon be able to have a sim replacement at any of our partner agencies in addition to our shops, allowing for more service channels to be opened up.

This will no doubt decongest the Econet shops – which is pretty vital during the Coronavirus pandemic and in general for the time saving it will present subscribers.

Unfortunately it’s not clear when subscribers will actually be able to get a sim replacement from the partner agencies instead of going to the telcos shops.

Beyond the SIM replacements, Econet also says PIN & PUK codes can now be reset via the self-service portals.


What’s your take?

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  1. Jay

    Its already happening

  2. Rodgers

    That’s a load of bull… Bought a line 4 weeks ago from Avondale shop. It still won’t work. All it says is “Barred for incoming calls ” when it is dialed and they have no clue how to fix it 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬

  3. anon

    listen up,
    some marketing feedback, your new website is ok. The main page loads ok, images included, (your cookies notification is too huge) but when I click SHOW MORE it loads without images, the article thumbnails don’t load (if any) and neither do the social channel icons.
    I’m on a Oneplus 5 using Opera or Chrome

    1. anon


      1. Norman Nhema


  4. Norman Nhema


  5. eneresi

    i bought a replacement simcard but its not working

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