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Video: Astro brings America’s Logic smartphones to Zimbabwe

Astro mobile is adding a new line of devices to it’s lineup. The smartphones are called Logic and are manufactured by the American company. In this video we have 2 of the Logic smartphones and we take a look at what these affordable devices can offer.

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8 thoughts on “Video: Astro brings America’s Logic smartphones to Zimbabwe

    1. I actually do

      I have gone through quite a number of phones that developed battery problems.

      I was quite a heavy gamer and internet surfer.

      I really appreciated the ones with removable batteries since they are easily replaceable.

      I like the idea of a modular phone-something breaks down, it’s easily replaceable.

      These composite 1 body devices you break one thing, replace the whole phone.

      With replaceable batteries, it’s possible to use a phone 1 to 2 years replacing batteries when they become less efficient, getting rid of the phone only when you want to upgrade in most cases. With non-replaceable batteries, it’s a lifespan of a year or less, replacing the phone as a necessity for the heavy user since as at times the battery would have become a pain for heavy phone use.

      Some brands are actually keeping a certain portion of their product line as replaceable battery phones but at times they are actually available with prices between flagship and mid-range, putting someone like me out of that market.

      1. True that. Actually for me that’s one of my requirements for a new phone-a replaceable battery. Buy a new phone with an extra battery then even on heavy use, won’t need another new phone for 2-3 years or so. This new thing kinda forces you to upgrade frequently which means more money for phone companies. It’s what I call ‘Apple-sation of everything’. #If_you_know_you_know XD

      2. It’s time to move on my guy – you probably WON’T find the replacement battery for such a “throw away” device in two years time – nobody is gonna stock that – it’s a false advantage and Astro/Gtel are pretty unreliable with stocking parts for their own devices. You have better luck with Samsung or Huawei – but this won’t sell in those kinds of numbers. Plus the inconvenience of having to always remove back cover and then remove battery if you wanna change sim card or microSD card – no thanks! Your back cover gradually gets more and more lose each time to open it, I bought a Xiaomi with a 4000mAh battery 2 and a half years ago and it’s still performing great. That’s the solution – go for a phone with a bigger battery and don’t get hyped for battery killing technologies like fast charging and wireless charging.

  1. Awa ndiwo marara chaiwo – overpriced ancient GARBAGE. The big one is powered by Mediatek 6580A – that is such an old chipset. Processor from 2016 – they not serious. Not worth the money, way overpriced. There are far better options in the market for those prices. $120 for a phone without 4g – I think not!

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