Gizmo Tech Store is an eCommerce store we’ve used to buy gadgets and we’re impressed

You ever wanted something on sites like Amazon or eBay but you’ve been scared away because of the shipping fees? Usually, the shipping fees are more expensive than the thing you’ve actually bought which makes for a terrible.

It costs more to ship the thing over to Zimbabwe than it does to actually buy. Therein lies the problem. As long as shipping is that expensive then people simply won’t buy online.

PS: A previous version of this article referred to Gizmo Tech Store as ZimBid. This was a name they used before but switched. Apologies for the mistake

This is where Gizmo Tech Store enters. Gizmo Tech Store is a company that acts as a middleman and reduces that shipping fee when you need shipping services. Overall, however, they have actually connected with suppliers to reduce the cost at which they sell their tech items – making them cheaper than some other online stores.

They are also an authorised UGREEN Dealer. UGREEN makes accessories like chargers, power banks, truly wireless headphones, chargers and more. One of Gizmo Tech Store’s representatives also mentioned that they are working to acquire similar dealership licences with other brands.

A fellow workmate of mine and I have used the store to buy a number of gadgets and this is how our experience went.

The orders we make best illustrate why I felt it was necessary to review Gizmo Tech Store. Here’s how much we spent:

Order 1

ItemRetail Price (US$) + ShippingGizmo Tech Store price (US$)Deposit (US$)
Huawei Freebuds 3Freebuds = $116
Shipping not available
Lexar 1TB NVMe SSDLexar SSD = $115
Shipping = $126.42
Total = $241.41
Total (US$)*$398$320Total (US$)$40
*price will be much higher if we include shipping for the Huawei Buds

Order 2

ItemRetail Price (US$) + ShippingGizmo Tech Store price (US$)Deposit (US$)
Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari Edition 488GTB (PS4)T80 = $99
Shipping =$270

Order 3

ItemGizmo Tech Store price (US$)Total (US$)Deposit (US$)
HP Envy 17t battery$58
Lexar 512GB NVMe SSD $160
Ugreen NVMe SSD enclosure$20
* We’re not sure of the retail price+shipping costs of these items as Gizmo Tech Store was provided with a list of names and not links

From these 3 orders, it’s pretty clear that the Gizmo Tech Store option whilst not inexpensive was actually far better than what just buying straight from Amazon and relying on their shipping fees would end up costing.

The buying process

In the case of my colleague, he sent Gizmo Tech Store a list of the products (on two occasions – order 1 & 3) he wanted. Gizmo Tech Store quoted him the price and collected the upfront deposit highlighted in the tables above.

In one of his orders, there was a mixup but Gizmo Tech Store addressed the situation within a fortnight.

For my order, it took 20 days to get the racing wheel at my doorstep and there weren’t any issues or challenges I faced.

The money we used to buy these gadgets was our own and so there was obviously a lot of risks associated with giving the funds to a dishonest service provider. Thankfully, Gizmo Tech Store has delivered a good service on 3 different occasions. If you’re interested in getting in touch with them to buy something online, you WhatsApp them on 0717554924 or visit their site.


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  1. Tapson

    Amazon prices are inclusive of duty so they say when shipping to Zimbabwe, they refund you the balance when you receive your order.

    1. Anonymous

      But sometimes the duty they estimate is just ridiculous

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