ZESA increased by 50% last week then by another 50% today and it will increase by 50% on 1 November

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So we are getting dizzy with the electricity tariff increases. On 23rd September (just over a week ago) we reported a 50% increase on ZESA tariffs. Today (1 October 2020), those tariffs increased by another 50%.

Effectively it means ZESA tariffs are now 125% (more than 2 times) what they were 8 days ago. The story doesn’t seem to end there though, we should brace for another 50% increase in a month. Here’s a communique from the Zimbabwe energy regulator authorising this:


What’s your take?

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  1. Anonymous


  2. Anonymous

    That means, assuming a stable rate of about 82, the cost of electricity per unit after 1 Nov will be just less than 20 us cents a unit. At it’s maximum in USD days it was about 10c for pre-paid and 14c for post-paid accounts … so how are increases like this justified?

  3. Ngonidzashe Pedzayi

    I think the increase was better but if they do that we should have power all the the time and its better to switch off in the Afternoon

    1. The Principal

      Why not shut up if you have nothing to say?

  4. Anonymous

    Hmmm, something does not add up. Purchased 299.1 kWh and that cost ZWL1140!!!
    Doing the maths, using ZETDC token calculator and Techzim calculator, all give differing amounts.

    1. Anonymous

      Wer is the calculator?

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