ZESA to acquire electric cars next year as they look to reduce abuse of vehicles and fuel

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ZESA Chairman, Dr Sidney Gata recently announced that in 2021 ZESA will begin transitioning to electric cars to reduce abuse associated with fuel-powered vehicles and avoid cars being used for anything other than the intended purpose.

No one will say his car has no fuel, the cars are rechargeable, they will recharge overnight whilst in parking. They will also reduce the level at which the company’s cars are being abused by the workers who are currently taking them home.

Sidney Gata

Back in July, ZESA fired over 10 employees over malpractices which included use of ZESA vehicles personally and a fuel coupon scam which lost ZESA ZW$18 000.

In March a ZESA audit revealed that executives where purchasing top-of-the-range vehicles and abusing ZESA’s vehicle policy and reports at the time suggest that these abuses “may have cost ZESA millions of US dollars.”

It seems vehicles and their use have always been a point of contention at ZESA as the same audit revealed that ex ZESA boss Josh Chifamba used US$600 000 buying cars every year instead of the stipulated one car per 5 years.

Sidney Gata’s comments regarding abuse of the parastatals funds are interesting given that before he was suspended reports suggested that ZESA had moved to buy a US$100 000 VW Amarok for the chairman, who also planned to get top of the “range vehicles for his blue-eyed boys”.

It wasn’t revealed which electric cars are being acquired by ZESA or how many they actually order but they are said to be arriving before 2021.

Dr Gata’s statement regarding the charging of these cars suggests ZESA is going to have the car chargers installed at their premise. It’s not yet clear whether ZESA will open up the chargers to the public during the day when their cars are not around or if the charges will be limited to ZESA vehicles and personnel exclusively.


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  1. Calvin Chisango

    I doubt if they are referring to tiny electric cars like Smart Car. Most likely we will see the likes of BMW i5, Jaguar iPace etc

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