EcoCash Rewards payouts finally underway…

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We have all been waiting for EcoCash to come good and start issuing the payouts for their Rewards promotion. EcoCash customers have been voicing their displeasure at how the whole affair has been handled. The biggest issue is with the instructions that EcoCash gave out about redeeming the points.

EcoCash said that customers will be able to redeem their points at the end of the month when they met the threshold of 25 points. This however wasn’t the case because there is no option to redeem the points on the *151*300# menu. This then forced many customers to call customer services and then be told that the points would be auto-redeemed and they would get a message with their winnings this week.

NB: 1 point is awarded for every ZWL$200.00 used to transact, whether its buying airtime, paying a merchant or transferring to another EcoCash wallet. You earn ZWL$0.40 per point so if, for example, you have 25 points you get ZWL$10.00

To find out more about what was going on we reached out to our sources at EcoCash. We were told that the payouts had already started with some customers having recieved their money from the points conversion yesterday. They went on to say that more payments are being rolled out and customers should expect to see their payouts soon.

This seems to be true because there are a few people on Twitter who have posted confirmation that their points were redeemed.

The EcoCash Rewards payout process does little to inspire confidence…

Even though payouts are underway the whole process does very little to inspire confidence. As previously mentioned the murky instructions about how to redeem points was a major fumble. The messaging should have been clear from the start that points would be redeemed automatically.

Had EcoCash started with clear messaging from the beginning they would have saved customers the hassle of having to clarify.

If EcoCash is to get back into to good books with its clientel they have to make it possible for them to redeem their points on their own as well as whenever they choose, not just at the end of the month.


  1. The Principal

    Much ado about nothing! You transact for 1000 usd in a given month to get 200rtgs reward? .

  2. SG

    to get 10 rtgs airtime

  3. Jesus

    I use ecocash a lot last week I reached about 125 points and it sent me a message saying I had reached the monthly limit to receive points they were all wiped now I’m back to zero

  4. pretty

    Is it useful guys

  5. T. Kanjere

    Econet, please find a rewards system which is meaningful. I redeemed my November points today. Voila, they were worth rtgs 82.00. Enough to buy one loaf of bread!! Surely, you can have a better reward sytem as this is an insult to your customers. Much better if you did not do a song and dance about such shameful rewards!

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