Phenomenon Technologies partners with UK firm to provide applied science kits

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Phenomenon Technologies, MEL Science

Phenomenon Technologies is a startup that many of you may already be aware of. They are the team behind Sciency Learning, the platform that offers STEM courses for students across the IGCSE curriculum. Sciency adds aspects of tech like augmented reality into their courses to give learners an immersive learning experience.

Phenomenon Technologies announced that it has partnered with MEL Science a UK-based organisation that specialises in subscription-based chemistry experiment kits. The partnership came about when they were both participating in the Melanin Kapital Tuungane program which enables African startups to collaborate with European companies.

MEL Science will be providing experiment kits that come fully loaded with all the necessary components like beakers, syringes, cups, safety goggles and more.

“Our long term goal is to accelerate the adoption of STEM careers in Africa to meet the demand and shortage of STEM professionals who apply themselves in solving problems met by the continent at large.”

Nkosana Masuku, Phenomenon Technologies CEO

Nkosana Masuku went on to say that in science education, students need to learn more in an applied way. This will help them develop innovations to societal problems and to do that we need an efficient way to help students understand science on a micro-level through technology integration.

I checked out some of the kits on MEL Science’s website and they are pretty cool. The starter kit (on MEL Science’s website) from what Phenomenon Technologies said looks like the one that is going to come first. There are also additional kits which cover a range of experiments which include diffusion, chemistry & electricity, minerals and more.


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