Facebook launches Collab music app to the public.

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Facebook has launched to the public a new app called Collab. The app was first launched as an invite-only beta on iOS earlier this year. The app is an experimental music-making app from Facebook’s New Product Experimentation division (NPE).

The app allows users to make 15-second short music videos by combining up to three independent videos. Sounds like popular app TikTok right, in fact, some have gone as far as to say the app is a direct challenge of the TikTok. What makes Collab different if the music lover angle the app has taken.

When you install Collab, you join a community of people passionate about creating music together.

App Store page states

The app allows up to three users to play a different part of a song and combine them into one video. Each video created is posted to a public, Collab feed where people can view. You can record one part then mix it with two other parts you find on the Collab feed someone else has recorded.

You can also just mix other people’s videos, no skill is required. According to Facebook, every user is properly credited for their contributions. Users don’t have to worry about syncing all the videos together; Collab has in-app tools that do all the work for you.

The App Store page states, “We make sure that as you swipe, the videos play at exactly the right moment to be in sync.”

The app is yet to be directly linked to Facebook but one can export completed videos to their Instagram story and TikTok among other platforms via the iOS share sheet. Collab is free on the App Store and yet to be available for android devices and iOS users outside the US.

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  1. Soundsard

    Facebook is doing a loss and it is difficult to announce the success of this application. I hope it allows me to download songs, ringtones.

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