Love code? Techzim is hiring developers


2020 was quite an eventful year for Techzim as it was for the world at large. For 2021 we have a lot more ambitions that we’d like to achieve and we’d love it if you’d join our technology team.

So what’s the job description?

Well, we have a number of projects that cover web and mobile development.

This means you’ll be working across different environments and should expect to be switching constantly even when working on one feature.


The programming languages that we currently use are PHP, JavaScript (both frontend and backend) and Kotlin. In short, that’s about it, more details can be shared in the interview.

So how do you apply?

Please send an email to with:

  • A brief description of what you believe will be a big tech thing this year in Zimbabwe.
  • One project of yours that you’re most proud of and a link to said project.
  • One thing that can be improved on and how you’d go about making the improvement.

We really hate CVs so please don’t send us your CV. We prefer to hear from you in a human voice.

This call for applications closes at end day Friday 05 March 2021.

I look forward to hearing from you. All the best !!

PS: Techzim is fully remote so you can apply from Mars or wherever you are.

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Happy Coder
2 months ago

Crowdsourcing free consultancy on point 3 🤭

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    Rufaro Madamombe
    2 months ago

    Hi Happy Coder, well we’ve often asked for feedback from the community and they’ve been super helpful.

    Hearing what someone thinks can be improved on our marketplace also helps us get to know them better in terms of how they go about finding and solving problems.

    So it’s not that we’re just looking for free consultancy but it is part of our interviewing process.

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Only the Lord knows how long I have waited for this. Hoping to make it to working with you guys. Just a quick question, on point 3 am I allowed to give my purely Martian suggestion

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    Rufaro Madamombe
    2 months ago

    Hi Tatenda, yea you can share anything on point three.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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15 hrs ago

I like your starategy of hiring, I don’t know who copied who, me or you kkkkk! I just don’t interested in CVs anymore but I give a quick practical interview plus listening to personal capacity of problem solving programatically. Anywhere good luck guys in getting a good dev, pass other devs to me if you choose your good ones and others left

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    Rufaro Madamombe
    13 hrs ago

    Yea we do share the same views there because as you mentioned we’re hiring a person not a CV. Thanks for the well wishes Gift, hope for the best for you too.

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