AfriBlocks, first Zim startup to be selected for Techstars incubator

Afriblocks Techstars

A couple of weeks ago we reported on a startup called AfriBlocks. The company is a freelance marketplace and collaboration platform that is taking a slightly different approach to the everchanging job market. They aren’t just looking to get freelance workers employment but they have added a project management element to their business model. If you want to employ someone vetted by Afriblocks, the startup will help you manage your project with the individual that you have selected to work for you.

It is this kind of setup that has seen AfriBlocks being selected to join Techstars‘ 2021 Seattle Cohort.

We at AfriBlocks dare to design the future of work in Africa and beyond. Through connecting a growing network of African freelancers with paying jobs across borders, we are poised to do our part to offset the impending global tech talent shortage. In a major boost to our efforts, Afriblocks is honoured to announce that we have been selected as a part of Techstars Seattle’s 2021 cohort!


This is a first for Zimbabwe

Now, this isn’t just another African startup joining an incubator. Techstars is one of the most renowned programs out there. The platform has raised over US$11.4 billion in funding for over two thousand startups with 85.8% of them being either active or acquired.

Afriblocks joining the 2021 Cohort makes it the first Zimbabwean startup to be selected and one of a handful in Africa to be part of a Techstars program.

“Joining the Techstars Seattle class of 2021 is a considerable milestone in the early development of AfriBlocks. The timing couldn’t be better as we continue to see development in the African tech ecosystem, which only increases our long-term growth opportunities”

Tongayi Choto, CEO and co-founder of AfriBlocks

What lies ahead for AfriBlocks in the Techstars Cohort program?

The AfriBlocks team is going to undergo a 13-week mentorship program that features potential investors, partners and Techstars alumni. With Techstars’ track record this ensures that AfriBlocks will be in the company of some of the most knowledgable and influential people in the business. The team will learn and a great deal and will add to the startups that have benefitted immensely from being part of the Cohort program.

“The world is our community, and we’ve made a commitment to develop tools that could break down borders across the Diaspora while positioning Africa as a leader in the global freelance economy. Having a strategic partner like Techstars puts us in a position to achieve this at a faster clip than we’d ever imagined.”

Roger Roman, AfriBlocks Co-Founder


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  1. Black

    Great for Zimbabwe’s startup ecosystem

  2. Anonymous

    I love tech stuff but most of the time the jargon just flies over my head.
    ELI5: What does Afriblocks do exactly?

  3. Garise Tinotenda

    Hello ___Garise Tinotenda____, Really enthused by your work so far. I belong to a
    large community of African students who are a part of the Edoofa program. As a part
    of this program, while studying, we invest in our skill-building by working on live
    projects to add business value to organizations like yours by being a cost-effective,
    committed, managed workforce. Looking forward to connecting”.

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