Nuclear technology is aiding farming in Zimbabwe

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Nuclear Technology Farming in Zimbabwe

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has been assisting countries with monitoring and measuring the impact of climate change and finding ways of adapting to its effects. A couple of days ago the IAEA released a video that looked at the various applications, in practice, nuclear science and technology have in addressing climate change concerns.

Among the many applications for nuclear technology, the IAEA has been supporting countries in improving agriculture, water management as well as the development of resilient food production systems.

The IAEA has been active in Zimbabwe, back in 2018 the organisation helped develop a drought-resistant cowpea crop which saw a 10-20% increase in yield. Going even further back the IAEA launched a number of projects in 1998 to support communal farming in the country.

It’s most recent efforts has seen the International Atomic Energy Agency assisting farmers in Domboshava through isotopic techniques that maximise the amount of water and fertilizer available to grow crops.

The drip irrigation system that was used required only half the water usually needed and produced a good yield. You can check out the IAEA’s project in Zimbabwe with the link below:

You can also check out how nuclear technology is used in soil and water management with the link here.


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