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Global Farmers Connect, one of the fastest-growing agri-tech startups in Africa

Market access has long since been a problem for farmers in Zimbabwe. Particularly if you want to join in on the export scene, unless you have a prior arrangement with a customer or have connections then it is going to difficult. However, there is a startup called Global Farmers Connect that is looking to change […]

Agritech startups, here’s a US$2 mil prize you don’t want to miss

Come one, come all there is a lot of money at stake…

Local agriculture startup gets US$100 000 in funding

Congratulations FarmHut!!!

Goho, a great guide for anyone looking to venture into farming

Goho is a mobile application that gives new and old farmers a repository of relevant information ranging from supplier contacts to crop information.

Nuclear technology is aiding farming in Zimbabwe

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has been using nuclear science and technology to assist farmers in Zimbabwe to maximise yield.

Steward Bank’s AgroFuture financing scheme to help farmers obtain loans for drones, GPS tech and more

Steward Bank recently announced AgroFuture -a financing scheme which seeks to enhance agricultural production locally. AgroFuture sees Steward Bank partner with a number of companies under the Cassava Smartech banner including EcoSure, EcoCash, EcoFarmer and Vaya. Steward Bank didn’t explain how exactly these companies will actually contribute to AgroFuture but we do know that Vaya […]

Digitising agricultural value chains. What has technology brought to farmers in Zimbabwe?

The ability to consistently produce food is one of the many reasons why societies as complex as ours are possible. With some assurances that there will be a means of sustenance people began to settle into communities. Be it growing crops or domesticating animals, mankind began to slowly emerge from surviving on what nature provided […]

AFGRI Launches an Equipment Rental platform “AXL” (South Africa)

AFGRI Agri Services on May 20th, 2020 launched a farming equipment sharing platform called Axl. This a platform that seeks to give farmers across South Africa an easier means of acquiring equipment that for some farmers is expensive to purchase. What is “Axl”? In a nutshell, Axl allows farmers to find, rent, and pay for […]