Spotify is now working in Zim but how much data does it use?

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So Spotify is now working in Zim. I was just now able to open an account and well… it’s great. I’m on my first playlist (after a hiatus from the app) and it’s really good “All thriller no filler”. So the one thing that I am sure many will now be wondering is how much data does the app use?

Well when you have the audio set to the highest quality (320 kbps), you could use up as much as 8 MB for a song, 150 MB in an hour of listening and over 6 GB in a month. You can, of course, turn the data saving function on and that will lower the data the app will consume.

Additionally, you can also change the streaming quality ranging from 24kbps (low) to 320kbps (very high) by going to settings and scrolling down till you find “Music Quality”. The first option under Music Quality “Streaming” is where you can play with audio quality.

data consumption

Here’s roughly how much data Spotify will consume for each level:

Low Quality (24 kbps)Normal (96kbps)High (160kbps)Very High (320kbps)
Song0.6 MB2.5 MB4.2 MB8.4 MB
Album7.5 MB30 MB50 MB100 MB
10 minutes1.8 MB7.2 MB12 MB24 MB
1 Hour10 MB45 MB75 MB150 MB
8 Hours90 MB350 MB600 MB1 200 MB
Month500 MB1 900 MB3 200 MB6 400 MB
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So if you are on uncapped then you don’t really have to worry about how much data Spotify will use. But for the rest of us on a pay as you go internet package and mobile data, it’s probably best to turn it down to the lowest setting. I say this because it’s very easy to get lost in a playlist and you wouldn’t want to come back to reality with your data bundle depleted.


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    How is, say for the highest quality, daily usage is 1,200 MB and monthly usage is 6,400 MB?
    The two do not seem to correspond

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    Their premium packages are too pricey compared to iMusic’s USD $2.99 per month

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