Video: Huawei Watch GT2 Classic Edition review

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The huawei Watch GT2 Classic Edition is a premium smartwatch offering from Huawei with a suite of smart features like health monitoring and fitness tracking.

In this review we take a look at setting it up. We explore all the main features available on it and also figure out what a smart watch really is and if it’s worth buying.

The Huawei Watch GT2 costed US$230 including shipping and delivery. This specific one was ordered through Gizmotech store


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  1. No to NokSam

    Nice review! But alas, too late to save me from the torment of buyers remorse! My galaxy watch refuses to control media playback or accept any transferred files from my Nokia 6😭. Apparently some weird edgecase afflicting Nokia Samsung combos. But at least it will tell me how stressed I am when I get frustrated over it!

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