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Xiaomi AX9000 review. The most extreme Wifi router

There are normal routers. Nice and compact ones with support for 64 connected devices, which also blend in with the furniture. Nice, modern, and sleek. But what if normal is boring and ultimate excess is more of your cup of tea…like me. Then you get a router that comes in a behemoth of a box. […]

Xiaomi 360 home security camera review. A lot of tech for the money

This is a Xiaomi 360° Home Security Camera 2K and as you may have guessed, it’s a smart camera. It doesn’t come with much in the box, just the camera itself, the wall mount kit, and the power cable. Setup Setting it up was pretty simple. You make sure you have the Mi Home app […]

Xiaomi Ionic hairdryer and brush. Overengineered beauty products

What we have here is a hair dryer. A Mi ionic hair dryer. We are used to hair dryers just being a stick with a fan and a heating coil blowing hot hair. And you would be right. That is what this one here does. But it’s also got a bit of a science project […]

Xiaomi Electric screwdriver review. Almost perfect

I am a tech head which naturally means I am also a tinkerer. I literally repair all my stuff and I have been for a while now. This little toolkit has been a big help. My trusty screwdriver set since 2016. I’m not gonna lie it was super cheap, something like 5 dollars or so […]

Soundcore Life Q30 – the best value for money noise cancelling headphones

These days headphones are a necessity. I don’t know if it’s because there are too many distractions today or if we lost our ability to block out the noise. Whatever the case, a good pair of headphones will help keep the clangour out.  Now these headphones have been getting better and now come with features […]

Tecno Camon 19 Pro 5G review

Tecno has tried something new with the Camon 19 series which seems a bit unorthodox. There are 4 variants. The regular Camon 19, the Neo, the Pro, and the Pro 5G. The main difference between the Pro and the Pro 5G is this. The Camon Pro has a Mediatek Helio G96 processor, a 50MP 2x […]

Tecno Spark 9T review. Even longer battery life!

We all know the Spark series. It’s Tecno’s best-selling smartphone and thanks to that we have this Spark 9T coming in with a couple of cool nice-to-haves for the price. It also falls between the Spark 9 and the Spark 9 Pro making it the middle child. Exterior The body is plastic but the glossy […]

What’s the best Xiaomi speaker under $70?

Right. You are a Xiaomi fanatic and you are thinking about which is the best speaker to buy. Well, I have 3 of them for 3 different types of people, and all of them each go for less than US$70. And I am able to play with these thanks to the really nice people at […]

Tecno Camon 19 5G in the studio for review

The freshly announced Tecno Camon 19 5G which was launched in New York in the USA is in the building. This phone is a sequel to the Camon 18 series where the Camon 18 Premier really was the best overall smartphone for 2021 on Techzim. It’s not the big boy Camon 19 though. This one […]

JBL Tune 510 bluetooth headphones. Value for money.

These are the JBL Tune 510 BTs and they are in for a review. Jumping straight into the box. It contains some paperwork isncuding a setup guide, some safety information and some warranty cards, USB-C cable for charging and the headphones themselves. Exterior Everything is in the right cup on the Tune 510s. Power button, […]

HP Pavilion 15 Gaming. Gaming PC Lite

I call this one an OMEN lite because, well, same design with the sharp angles and also an overdose on the hulk juice with the green accents. It’s the HP Pavilion gaming. But is it though? Exterior It’s a stealthy look. Matte black all round with a little green for the Pavilion and another one […]

MacBook 16 Pro vs Asus Zephyrus M16. Apple Vs Windows

This is a comparison between a MacBook 2019 and an Asus ROG Zephyrus M16. We look at the different camps and see the benefits and shortcomings of both. You should also check out Tecno Spark 8P review. Is it just me or are budget phone getting better-looking Car review: the all-electric BYD T3, a minivan […]

Tecno Pova 5G review. Flying too close to the sun?

It’s got a huge presence thanks to its sheer size. Bags and bags of performance thanks to that Dimensity 900 CPU paired with the superfast RAM and internal storage and even though the battery is smaller than it’s predecessor’s, it’s going to outlast almost anything on the market right now.

Tecno Spark 8P review. Is it just me or are budget phone getting better-looking

I finally got my hands on the Tecno Spark 8P and for an entry-level device, Tecno has outdone themselves here. Out of the box I was really impressed by the textured finished because some device manufacturers are leaning more and more into the glossy fingerprint attracting casings. Tecno didn’t get full marks in this category […]

Tecno Camon 18 Premier Review. Best midrange phone of 2021!

The Camon 18 Premier is probably the most important smartphone Tecno has made since the Phantom 6 Plus. Tecno is all grown up. This Camon 18 Premier has a mature sophistication about it which, and dare I say, warrants the cheeky jab Tecno took at Samsung. This is the Tecno Camon 18 Premier and it’s as exciting as the Premier League.

Spiderman No Way Home Review: Not as good as the hype suggests

Yesterday we went to watch the new Marvel blockbuster Spiderman No way Home and judging by the ticket queues, this is a movie that many wanted to watch. The film isn’t bad, far from it. It is a fun ride with plenty of surprises. However, there are some problems with the movie that are hard […]

Car review: the all-electric BYD T3, a minivan that packs a punch

Electric Vehicle Centre Africa (EVCA) is a local company that deals in electric cars and solar systems. The company recently invited us out to test drive the BYD T3, an all-electric powered mini-van. BYD T3 features Power 100KW Torque 180Nm Range 300Km 0-100 13s Top Speed 100km/h (capped for the demo unit) AC Charge Time […]

Tecno Pova 2 review. Big battery & features

A 7000mAh battery in a smartphone. And as you may have guessed, it’s a thick one. It’s the Tecno Pova 2 and the insane battery is just the beginning. You can watch the video and it’s amazing angles in the link below Exterior Yeah this is a massive slab of phone. The display is a […]

Sony WH-1000XM4 review. Tech & audio excellence!

Welcome to the Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones. The best wireless headphones Sony makes right now and probably the very best headphones money can buy.

Huawei Freebuds Studio review. Absolute value!

Huawei is building its ecosystem of products and services and recently they released their first ever premium wireless headphones. These are supposed to battle it out with the likes of the Sony WH-1000XM4s, the Bose NC700s and Apple’s Airpods Max. So are these US$268 headphones worth it?

Logic L63 review. A tough sell

Astro decided last year that it was going to do something different with it’s smartphone lineup. The Astro brand was to be dedicated to their premium smartphone offering and the newly announced Logic brand was to focus on the affordable side of things. We are yet to see something from their premium line of smartphones […]

GTeL Infinity 9 review. Tough Competition

On this one, GTeL went with the approach of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. They improved on one or 2 things from last year’s Infinity 8s

PES 2022 is going FREE-TO-PLAY. Let’s hope Konami doesn’t f##k it up!

Most gaming enthusiasts probably know that PES 2022 (or rather eFootball as it will be known going forward) is going to be free-to-play this year.

Huawei 4G Router 3 Pro. Are the features worth the money?

It’s got heaps of features and allows plenty of customization for whatever use case you have for it and I think it genuinely looks good. Nothing is shouty about the design. It is nice and elegant and just blends in with the furniture.
But at US$150 one would ask if the features it comes with are worth that much. In this video we explore all it good bits to answer that question

Gadgets & devices we have bought thus far in 2021

This is a little belated because we are well past the halfway point of the year but the Technikari crew (Edwin, Rufaro and Valentine) went over their device and gadget acquisitions for 2021 thus far. You will also get a preview of the devices that Edwin will be reviewing soon and what he has made […]

Tecno Phantom X review. It’s got all the right boxes ticked

The Phantom line is Tecno’s most technologically advanced lineup of smartphones and the Phantom X I have here is probably their best execution of a Tecno flagship smartphone to date. It has an uncompromising look and feel to it even though some compromises were made to make it what I would call a flagship killer. […]

5 months with a Huawei Watch GT2

This is the Huawei Watch GT2 Classic Edition, and this is a long term review. It is a beautifully crafted watch and it sits between the regular GT2 and the GT2 Elite with the latter getting its title because of the titanium body and band. The GT2 Classic was my favourite choice of the 3 […]

Is the Tecno Camon 17 worth $65 more than the Spark 7?

Spark 7 vs Camon 17. It’s uncompromising affordability against uncompromising value. 65 USd separates the Spark 7 from the Camon 17 but is that 65 dollars worth it for the Camon 17 or is it overpriced over the Spark 7? You can check out the video below for some awesome visuals. In terms of hardware […]

Invincible Review: Amazon clearly doesn’t want us to trust a Superman-like figure

If you’ve watched The Boys (which is another show on Amazon Prime Video) then you are familiar with Homelander and what he is all about. And in the network’s newest superhero show Invincible, a common theme has emerged. Amazon doesn’t want us to trust a Superman-like figure or as a Reddit post I saw when […]

Tecno Camon 17 review

The Camon 17 is Tecno’s latest entry in Tecno’s mid tier offering. It sits between the Spark series and the Phantom series and if you were not aware this one is a bit more biased towards photography. It also can be the cheapest smartphone with a 90Hz refresh rate display.