Android 12 beta: new look design and privacy features

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Android 12, Google I/O 2021

Google at its I/O Developer Conference finally announced the public beta for the newest edition of its mobile operating system, Android 12. What users will see from the jump is a user interface redesign which is following Google’s new design language called “Material You”.

The UI for Android 12 will now feature smother animations, a reduction in CPU usage up to 22%, and an up to 15% reduction in the use of big cores by the system server. Android 12’s UI will bring with it a new theming system that will be noticeable in apps like the G-board, notification tab and the volume rocker.

Android 12 is also getting a Privacy Dashboard. This will allow users a more indepth look at permissions granted to apps loaded on devices as well as when certain sensors on the phone are in use and how long they remain active.

You will also be able to see when the camera, microphone, location and more are being accessed by apps and you can revoke access to any apps you choose through this dashboard. Google is doubling down on privacy through AI with the release of Private Compute Core, which allows the company to introduce new technologies that are private by design.

The Android 12 beta has now gone live but availability depends on your phone’s manufacturer. You can check out if your device has been included by clicking the link here.

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