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Zim startups! A German non-profit wants to invest up to US$150K in African businesses


Impacc is a German-based non-profit that helps startups build and scale their business. The non-profit’s main focus are startups that are in unstructured markets and do most of their work with impoverished communities. This is because Impacc’s goal is to make sure that those who are often overlooked can have the solutions they sorely need.

To achieve this goal, Impacc collaborates with local founders that have the potential of creating local, environmentally friendly jobs most often with a franchise approach.

“We use the tools of business to meet social challenges. We identify local green businesses that have already had first proof of concept and help them grow by scaling their business through a franchise system into other regions and countries”

Till Wahnbaeck, CEO Impacc (via Disrupt Africa)

Impacc has announced that it launching a smart equity investment that is between US$30,000 and US$150,000 which is open to social businesses with sustainable and high impact solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges affecting impoverished communities in Africa.

Application criteria

Beyond the above mention goal that Impacc is trying to achieve, to qualify for the fund your founders have to be of legal age and be an African national. Your startup will also need to have a clear impact generation plan that should also be trackable and measurable.

If your startup makes it through the application process, which includes extensive details about the business model and a due diligence element, Impacc will, on top of the fund, offer:

Financial Support

  • Non-profit, minority shareholding 
  • Based on agreed business valuation and investment consideration 
  • Potential to receive additional loan facility beyond initial equity funding to scale the business further
  • Further fundraising support and tools

Business Growth Support

  • As an investor in the business, Impacc becomes a partner that provides guidance on strategy and planning.
  • Impacc occupies 1 to 2 board seats.
  • The business receives mentorship from key industry expertise & coaches to provide tailored support.
  • Receive access to Impacc network to grow and scale the business.
  • Provide strategy options and business modelling.

Applications are open till the 15th of June and you can find the form in the link here.

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