Zim becomes the first in Africa to roll out E-Livestock’s cattle logging system

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E-Livestock Mastercard Blockchain based Provenance

Our teapot shaped country has become the first nation in Africa to roll out E-livestock‘s blockchain cattle tracing system. The solution which is powered by Mastercard’s Blockchain-based Provenance solution allows Zimbabwean farmers to log the records of cattle sold across the country.

“Mastercard’s Provenance solution can safely and securely track the authenticity of the cattle’s journey at every stage, from birth to sale.”

Max Makuvise, Founder and President of E-Livestock Global.

This system is particularly important because it also compiles the health records of the cattle. Tick-borne diseases like Theileriosis (popularly known as January disease) are a problem in the country. In 2018 Zimbabwe lost a sizable number of cattle, to it and without anything to trace tick-borne diseases Zimbabwe has lost out on the beef export market.

What the E-Livestock blockchain solution is bringing is end-to-end visibility to the cattle supply chain. Farmers and dipping officers can now tag each cow with a unique, ultra-high frequency RFID tag and register the animal and its owner onto the system. Every time the cow gets vaccinated, dipped or receives medication for any ailment the tag keeps track of it on the registry.

Another added benefit of the E-livestock and Mastercard Provenance solution is that with the power of the blockchain the records are secure and tamper proof. This will ultimately give a good reflection of Zimbabwe’s entire beef and cattle industry.

“Building trust in industries is essential for a functioning and reliable value chain. At Mastercard, we believe that seamless supply chain transparency can help convey authenticity, expand inclusion, share sustainability practices and improve back-office efficiencies. Our globally-scaled technology and established network capabilities are advancing this process, enabling smarter buying decisions and inclusion of all players, whatever their size,”

Mark Elliott, Division President of Mastercard, Southern Africa.  

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  1. K saranji

    Inadequate definitely details on your so called e livestock registry. How does one acquire this and please detail the components needed to put in place the entire system.

  2. rodney@polyfoil.co.zw

    Very interested…..how do we get started and what are the costs….

  3. Gift

    This is even one of the useful interesting use cases of technology I have heard of in Africa so far. A very appropriate technology in appropriate industry.

  4. Anonymous

    Let the rest of the world chase digital currencies. We push on with farming innovation

  5. Cor Jan Zee

    Very interesting development and would like to know more

  6. B Khumalo

    Would like to get my animals tagged..
    Who do I get in touch with, where?

  7. Dambudzo

    This is most welcomed tech, how can one get more information. I need to have my cattle tagged.

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