How to watch the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games online

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The past two years have been very unusual. Not only have we had to contend with lockdown after lockdown and wave after wave of COVID-19, we have also had to contend with several misnomers. Not only were the November 2020 examinations actually written in 2021 the just ended Euro 2020 finals were also played deep in 2021. The rollercoaster continues with upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games starting this Friday and ending on 08 August, if all goes well.

This is not the 1990s anymore

Traditionally the Olympics have always been a problem to watch in Zimbabwe. Our immodest government has failed to expand on the single TV channel they inherited in 1980. The Olympics usually comprise of several different events taking place at the same time which kind of makes it impossible to screen them all.

Thankfully most people are no longer beholden to ZTV. The lucky among us can always make do with DSTV where Supersport will broadcast the various events live and the highlights as well but if you are not rich enough to afford DSTV premium you still have another option, you can stream your favourite events.

I have found out that the best way to stream sporting events is to find a legal option to do so. The trouble with illegal free streaming is that you have to frantically hunt for the feed online just as the event is about to start. More often than not you end up missing a big chunk of the match or event. It’s also not unusual for the stream to go offline a various times. Then there is also the fact that you cannot control how much data an illegal stream uses.

How to stream the Olympics legally?

There are two ways to do this:

  • The easy way using ShowMax Pro or DSTV Now
  • The slightly harder way using SmartDNS

Let’s start with the easy way. If you don’t have a TV Box or a Smart TV you can just stream using your tablet or phone. If those are your options you only need to pay for ShowMax Mobile Pro. This will cost you about US$8.99 per month but just know that the package only allows you to watch on your tablet or phone. If you have a friend you can also just sign up for ShowMax Pro and split the bill. The cost will be the same but you can watch the events on your TV using a TV Box, Computer, Xbox or PlayStation if you so choose.

With ShowMax you can choose which events you want to watch and stream them. The app also comes with handy data controls which can allow you to choose roughly how much data you want to use per hour. Alternatively, if you know someone who is on DSTV premium and is not using their DSTV Now account you can always beg and borrow this and stream Supersport on your TV, computer, phone or tablet. It’s just a matter of visiting the website or installing the app and tapping on the channel icon.

Now for the hard way. You see other countries out there actually have more than one state-owned public-funded channel. For example the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Instead of playing non-stop jingles and singing praises to big-chefs, these channels actually do useful things like showing the Olympics. All you need to do is to watch these.

To do so you need SmartDNS. Thankfully most providers offer two weeks free trial without you even inputting your precious prepaid MasterCard or Visa details. All you need is an email. Just sign up for one service, such as SmartDNSProxy, change your DNS servers as explained in their guide, activate the service and visit any of the following sites:

  • ITV
  • TVNZ
  • BBC iPlayer

For some of these services, you might need to change your device’s/browser’s timezone to complete the ruse. Chances are you will find them streaming the Olympics for free so just choose your preferred event and watch to your heart’s content. Most people will not be able to go through the technical steps required to do this that’s why I strongly recommend going the ShowMax Pro/DSTV route.

May the odds be ever in your favour. Happy Hunger Games.

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  1. Isaac Machakata

    I think the harder way is the best when it comes to escaping subscription fees. You can create an account with a disposable email stream for 2 weeks, then use another one 😂😂

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