Mureza Auto to roll out its first 100 vehicles in Zim and SA

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Mureza Motors Prim8 electric vehicles cars

Mureza Auto has announced that it will be rolling out 100 vehicles into the market starting next week. The countries that will be the first recipients are Zimbabwe and South Africa and the news follows of the company being granted a licence to produce cars in South Africa.

“Mureza Holdings (Pty) Ltd now a licenced entity to manufacture vehicles in Rep of South Africa under their Mureza Auto Co brand. Our appreciation goes to our dedicated staff, investors, partners and stakeholders who have made this milestone possible! This is a major milestone in our vision to become the leading car manufacturer in Africa. To the African market, the wait is almost over. We are working in the background to ensure we bring quality and affordable vehicles and an #untamed_motoring experience to the African continent”

Mureza Auto

The company is based in South Africa and follows in a long line of Africa Automakers like South Africa’s Birkin Motors, Nigeria’s Innoson, Ghana’s Kantanka Cars and many others. Mureza was co-founded by Tatenda Mungofa who is also the CEO of the firm. It came about through funding from backers in the United Arab Emirates and has a joint venture with Iranian company SAIPA Group which is for component and platform-sharing.

According to Mureza Auto’s website, it has four models in production. The first is called the Prim8 (pronounced Primate) which has a 1.5 litre naturally aspirated engine and is front-wheel drive. The other models are the Prim8-inspired T1 Pickup Truck, which is under production and the Athlete and Tusker models which are set to be rolled out next year.

Mureza’s Prime8 is the one that is entering the Zimbabwean and South African market and will retail for US$13,500 (R196,000). At present pre-orders are open and you’ll have to put down US$3,000 if you want any of the first batch of 100 that will be on offer in the initial roll-out. If you are interested you can place your pre-order on Mureza Auto’s Website with the link here.

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  1. Wengai Burwa

    Woow this great stuff from one of our own. Frankly, Mureza Auto should have gone for EVs. I do not see how they will survive another 5 yrs at the rate at which the EV industry is innovating and adding more value. Could this be another case of technology dumping? Just check who the partners are. Its UAE and Iran, the leading petrochemical producers.

  2. Tinashe Gregory Muza

    What are specs on the speed

  3. P. Nyathi

    Its a step in the right direction but I think they have to synergize/link with Chikumbutso and try to integrate Clean energy technologies to their cars.. Otherwise its a milestone in the Zim automotive industry

  4. Chiripanyanga

    This is a budget car, we do not expect much, but specs could have been made available. Top speed , 0-100km acceleration, weight, capacity of tank and range among others.Since they are based in SA they could have approached Car magazine for a test. That would have been appreciated. Also of interest is their long term plan as the motor industry is moving towards EVs.
    I wish the company and my countrymen the best in their endeavors

  5. Adriano

    Wish them the best. Although just for the sake of noting the use of older technology I do agree with the previous comments. Pivoting to EVs or hybrid tech does make sense, a carbureted engine won’t make too much sense in the current market although they will get sales as a local product. Good initiative though

  6. Murimukuru

    You make a ‘Made in Zimbabwe’ vehicle and it’s not affordable to Zimbabweans

    We’ll stick to Honda Fit for now

    1. Samaita

      Wake up man. You don’t compare prices of new and used cars. Next time use “I” not “We”

  7. Chabata Farai

    Mureza auto ,guys you rock,this is great news for our great Zimbabwe-I think for a virgin car at13500 USD is ok for a start though as a Zim teacher I need to save 65months to buy it kkkk.With time, I guess the price will go down.Otherwise keep up the good work

  8. Tinotenda Makoni

    That’s cool

  9. Tinotenda Makoni

    Keep up the good work Zimbabwe I

    1. Mad Boy

      Damn we call that s*** car, Quick by Saipa 🤣
      I feel bad for Zimbabwe and South africa.

  10. Nelson hove

    Weldone guys

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