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All the video streaming services available in Zimbabwe compared

streaming services zimbabwe

In yesterday’s article, I touched on how streaming services were going to decimate DStv. Some felt this was not going to be the case because most streaming services are not available in Zimbabwe by default. You need to fiddle with VPN and SmartDNS if you want to get the most out of your streaming experience. This is beyond the scope of your average home user.

The question, therefore, is just how many streaming services are available in Zimbabwe and what do they have to offer? What would you get without SmartDNS or using a VPN? How much is it going to cost you? Is it worth the hassle compared to traditional DStv?

These are the streaming services available to Zimbos

Streaming ServiceMonthly PriceWhat it has to offer
Netflix-$3.99 for mobile
-$7.99 for standard
-$12 for HD
Netflix Originals, TV Shows, movies, reality series
Showmax-Free if you have DStv Premium
-$2.99 for mobile
-$7.99 for Standard
-$18.99 for Pro
South African, Nigerian, East African content. HBO, ABC, Disney, Fox, Nikoledeon and more. There are a few ShowMax originals there too.
EPL, Rugby, Cricket, UEFA champions league and lots of sports
DStv Now-Free if you have DStv or same price as traditional DStvSports, live TV channels, General entertainment, news, documentaries etc
TelOne’s DEODPackages start at $3/monthLocal content, movie rentals, live TV
YouTubeFree with adsDiverse content including dramas, comedy, cooking shows, music etc YouTube is probably the most underatted streaming service available to Zimbabweans
Amazon Prime$8.99 per monthMovies and TV shows. Yes you don’t need VPN or SmartDNS to stream and sign up for Amazon Prime Video as it’s available to Zimbabweans officially.
Rakuten Viki-Free ad plan
-$4.99 per month for HD
Mostly Korean series and movies with other Asian content also available
Apple TV Plus$4.99/monthWhile you need a South African address to sign up for this you don’t need VPN to stream it.
Google TVN/AThis service allows you to rent and buy movies and stream them. Prices vary depending on the movie or TV show. You cannot rent episodes unfortunately you get full series or nothing
iTunesN/ASimilar to Google TV you rent TV shows and movies
PlexFreeFree ad supported movies and TV shows. I mean Plex’s official service here not third party pirated movies

N.B Think I missed a video streaming service? You can comment or reach out to me and I will add it here. Facebook Watch is not going to make it onto that list. I hate it.

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14 thoughts on “All the video streaming services available in Zimbabwe compared

  1. Is uefa champions league available on showmax pro for Zim or it’s for South Africa only?? Is apple TV plus available in Zimbabwe when you’re signing up using a South African address?? And back to your previous article it seems it’s only DStv offering sports and they too usually locks us out, like the previous seasons if you have a non SA DStv account you would not get sports like super rugby, Europa League, the English rugby premiership. You find that Zimbabwe is usually restricted when it comes to territorial broadcasting rights, even with services legally available to us we won’t get the same as other Africa countries

  2. Facebook Watch is not going to make it onto that list. I hate it.
    If you are writing articles for yourself just note then in your diary. If it’s available then it should be there by default, reader’s discretion is advised. Don’t make choices for everyone

      1. And we will always say this people will talk. Your feedback is baseless these are actually the holding facts for our country. An amazing article indeed. You do not want to here the zimabwean truth you want to stand around and fantasize about the life we do nt have.

        Hats off to Garikai

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