BMW’s recyclable concept EV is an interesting take on future cars

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BMW recyclable car i Vision Circular

BMW made quite the statement at the Munich Auto Show on Monday with its i Vision Circular electric concept car. The vehicle which BMW showed off is a recyclable hatchback and looks to be an attempt from the German carmaker to be one of the most sustainable brands as the world heads into an electric-driven and sustainable future from 2040 and beyond.

So how is this car completely recyclable? Well, according to BMW the i Vision has no paint, leather, chrome or any other materials that we commonly associate with cars. The body is made up of recycled aluminium and doesn’t use any composite bonded opting instead for quick-release fasteners, press studs and cords. This will make the i Vision easier to recycle the car in the event of disassembly.

The exterior of the car isn’t as exceptionally striking as the interior. The cabin is something to behold with its V shape with crystal in the middle.


It also features individual sounds zones meaning that each passenger will get to listen to the music they want. It looks like the days of picking the trip DJ may come to an end if this car hits production.

Cool tech but a concept car is just that… a concept

Concept vehicles are an experimental bed where carmakers can present or even test out new technology. BMW’s recyclable i Vision Circular may never hit the streets but the ideas that it has brought forth may influence the future of cars. With finite resources and new demands, we could possibly see a few iterations of what BMW showed off in future production cars.

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  1. Heebie Jeebies

    🤣can the ‘uncanny valley’ effect apply to cars? Coz its looks are making me feel the same kind of way hyper realistic animatronics used to make me feel!
    Otherwise its an interesting amalgamation of tech and aesthetics.

  2. Anonymous

    Hope we really live up to see this futuristic future…

  3. Nayyie Wit’ A Double Y’

    Hope we really live up to see this futuristic future…

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