Local software firm launches a core banking platform

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Mugonat Systems Inc Cashlinq Core Banking

Mugonat Systems Inc is a local software development and consultancy firm that provides enterprise software solutions, website services, mobile apps, e-commerce and chatbots. The company has announced that it has launched a core banking complement software called Cashlinq which it says was developed with the best technologies, security and international standards.

The core banking complement system is centred around modules that a financial institution can use to replace legacy software because the folks at Mugonat say that Cashlinq offers a modern fast, scalable, resilient and future-proof software stack.

Cashlinq’s modules can be developed separately, partly or in full depending on the use case. The modules can also be integrated with existing systems through APIs and standard protocols.

“Banking as we know it is evolving. With the coming of new technologies and innovations, financial institutions have to reimagine traditional practices to meet customer expectations. We are pleased to announce the launch of our flexible Banking solution that will allow financial institutions to meet the new demands of clients while also updating their business processes to be more foresighted and agile.”

Tendai Elvis Mugovi , CEO at Mugonat Systems Inc.

The modules support ISO standards of the box. Key modules on the platform include the following:

  • Core banking module
  • Payment processing interface
  • Payment exchange interface [Interbankmodule]
  • Omni-channel backend module
  • Open banking
  • Merchant Services Gateway
  • Single Sign-on module
  • API Gateway Module
  • Loan management system
  • Channels apps

“We have designed Cashlinq, to handle the complex issues related to agile banking, but have kept it easy to implement ”

Tendai Elvis Mugovi , CEO at Mugonat Systems Inc.

You can check out the full Cashlinq product brochure with the link here




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  1. Paul Walker

    Are there any banks already using this system? How does it fare against major banking software like Temenos and FlexCube? Who are the target market, it it established big banks or smaller startup banks? I’m interested in this software. Maybe you could do a Technikari episode on this one. The Open Banking idea is great although it may take time for it to be embraced in Zim.

  2. Anonymous

    Here we go again. Another one-man developed “banking system”

  3. Anonymous

    Zim needs bright minds who do not say “it can’t be done here”. Let the platform be proved. Simple. Way to go guys!!

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